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This is a scale model kit to be assembled by an adult; it includes all the parts as indicated but it does not include glue or paints, which can also be purchased separately at SpotModel!.
High quality resin kit at 1/43 scale to make the version of the Chaparral 2G with which Jim Hall achieved second position in the second round of the 1968 Can-Am championship held at the Bridgehampton circuit. Its complete photo-etched plate and white metal parts allow the model to be assembled with a great amount of detail.

Additional details for the Chaparral 2G car scale model kit:
  • Manufactured by Marsh Models in 1/43 scale with reference MM335.
  • Belongs to the Chaparral Cars Team.
  • Driven by Jim Hall with number 66
  • Recreation of the vehicle racing at the Can-Am Bridgehampton in 1968.
  • Includes photo-etched parts, resin parts, turned metal parts, water slide decals, white metal parts, other materials and assembly instructions.
  • Package measures 85 mm x 150 mm x 65 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 125 g.
  • Featured in newsletter 585.
SpotModel recommends this product exclusively for experienced professional modellers and collectors. Take appropriate precautions as this product is not a toy, it can be toxic and/or dangerous. Keep away from children. Use is not allowed for children under 14 years.


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Run by John and Pam Simons, Marsh Models has a small workshop in East Sussex and has been producing 1/43 scale model cars since 1981. In the world of 1/43 scale model cars, Marsh Models has an enviable reputation for quality and accuracy in all its products and has been foremost in introducing new and unique techniques in the use of photoetched parts.

In a world of bland uniformity, where model cars flood the market from the Far East, Marsh Models offer a true alternative: model cars made for and by enthusiasts. If your interest is in CanAm, McLarens, Chaparrals, Le Mans cars or any sports racing cars of the 50s to the 90s, you will be able to find what you need in their comprehensive range. All their products are made in resin and white metal, and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards.
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Image 1: Chaparral 2G Chaparral Cars Team - Can-Am Bridgehampton 1968 | Car scale model kit in 1/43 scale manufactured by Marsh Models (ref. MM335)Image 2: Chaparral 2G Chaparral Cars Team - Can-Am Bridgehampton 1968 | Car scale model kit in 1/43 scale manufactured by Marsh Models (ref. MM335)