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This is a scale model kit to be assembled by an adult; it includes all the parts as indicated, but it does not include glue or paints.
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We still need to specify some final details, but Heller announces the reissue of one of its "biggest" models, the Traction Avant at 1/8 scale!! All in giant.

Additional details for the Citroën 15CV Six Traction Avant model car kit:
  • Manufactured by Heller in 1/8 scale with reference 80799 (also listed as 3279510807998).
  • Includes plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals and assembly instructions.
  • Package measures 725 mm x 515 mm x 120 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 1200 g (review pending).
  • Box barcode 3279510807998 (GTIN/EAN)
It was April 18 of 1934 when the international press followed with great interest the presentation of André Citroën's 7A Traction Avant (front-wheel drive) model. This vehicle became a milestone in automotive history, as it was the first production car with a self-supporting body.
The advantages of this type of construction, in which frame and body form an inseparable unit, are low manufacturing costs, high stability and considerable weight reduction. However, the enormous research and development costs as well as the costly anti-corrosion measures constitute a handicap.
The Traction incorporated many details that were later seen in modern saloons, such as independent suspension, hydraulic brakes, front-wheel drive, synchronized gearbox and attractive bodywork without running boards. The 7A model had a 1,529 cc 4-cylinder engine with 35 HP of power.
To demonstrate the stability of the Traction, Citroën planned a series of tests with great publicity impact. In addition to long-distance tests, a vehicle was thrown off a cliff, simulating a crash test. On the slightly dented vehicle, the brand's technicians demonstrated the driver's survival options, which excited the experts of the time.
With slight problems of youth, in the years following the appearance of the model various improvements were introduced, until the definitive maturity of the 7C of 1936. Until 1957 some 700,000 units were manufactured.
However, the Traction could not solve Citroën's economic problems, caused in part by the costly development of this model. At the beginning of 1935 the brand went bankrupt and André Citroën was forced to leave the company, the business being taken over by the main creditor, Edouard Michelin. Thanks to this restructuring, the continuity of one of the great French brands was ensured.
In July 1938, the older brother of the 7A, the Traction Avant 15-6G, was introduced. Its engine was a 2,867 cc 6-cylinder in-line engine with 77 hp. The six cylinders provide a very balanced operation and great safety on the road. These almost 5 meter long sedans, initially supplied only in black, are reserved for politicians, businessmen or the police, although eventually even gangsters made use of this model. In March 1955 Citroën ceased production of the 6-cylinder Model 15.
This item is not suitable for children under 18 years old. SpotModel recommend this item for advanced modellers and professionals with high experience on building cars and bikes. Read carefully all instructions.

Just announced!Just announced!
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Image 1: Citroën 15CV Six Traction Avant | Model car kit in 1/8 scale manufactured by Heller (ref. 80799, also 3279510807998)