The PrintLab decals are manufactured using digital technology and could have less detail, quality and definition than conventional decals made by silk-screen printing. Please take this into account before purchasing this PrintLab decal since refunds are not accepted for these concepts. The design of the decals printed by Print Lab is made by individuals. SpotModel is not responsible for the possible lack of logos in the design of the same, or that said design is incorrect or not original.
This product is supplied on demand. As it is an exclusive product and/or manufactured on demand for each order, it is not possible to cancel or refund it.
Decals for vehicles at 1/24 scale of Spanish license plates with the typography used between 1986 and 2000. The plates are sized for most 1/24 scale license plate holders, but license plate holders can also be made with a metal or plastic sheet of 0.5 to 1mm thick. For its placement it is advisable to put the alphanumeric characters once the license plate base decal has dried, and even better if placed after a coat of glossy varnish.

Additional details for the Spanish License Plates 1986-2000 decals, designed by Artemious:
  • Manufactured by Print Lab Decals in 1/24 scale with reference PLB2-333969.
  • Includes water slide decals manufactured with digital technology.
  • Package measures 150 mm x 200 mm x 1 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 6 g.
  • Featured in newsletter 522.
SpotModel recommends this product exclusively for experienced professional modellers and collectors. Take appropriate precautions as this product is not a toy, it can be toxic and/or dangerous. Keep away from children. Use is not allowed for children under 14 years.


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