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This is a scale model kit to be assembled by an adult; it includes all the parts as indicated, but it does not include glue or paints.
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Spectacular kit of the Lotus Ford Type 49 in 1/12 scale, with a detail level that borders on madness, including white metal parts, turned aluminum parts, deliciously tires moulded in rubber and printed with the Firestone logos, injected resin, and thousands of other parts to drive you crazy.

Additional details for the Lotus Ford Type 49B model car kit:
  • Manufactured by Model Factory Hiro in 1/12 scale with reference MFH-K722 (also listed as K722 and K-722).
  • Belongs to the Lotus Team.
  • Sponsored by Gold Leaf.
  • Driven by Graham Hill with number 9
  • Raced at the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix in 1968.
  • Includes CNC metal parts, metal parts, photo-etched parts, resin parts, rubber parts, seatbelt fabric, turned metal parts, vacuum formed parts, water slide decals, white metal parts, other materials, assembly instructions and painting instructions.
  • Package measures 263 mm x 355 mm x 104 mm (width x depth x height), weighting 1423 g (review pending).
  • Featured in newsletter 386.
This item is not suitable for children under 18 years old. SpotModel recommend this item for advanced modellers and professionals with high experience on building cars and bikes. Read carefully all instructions.

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Image 1: Lotus Ford Type 49B Lotus Team sponsored by Gold Leaf - Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix 1968 | Model car kit in 1/12 scale manufactured by Model Factory Hiro (ref. MFH-K722, also K722 and K-722)