Newsletter 489: 2 x McLaren

2 x McLaren

2 x McLaren
Indeed, our friends!!! McLaren has finally won an F1 award back again after a very long time without reaching the top of the podium. They did it at the Monza Italian Grand Prix and also in the form of a double win: first place for Daniel Ricciardo and second place for Lando Norris. A great victory, both deserved and longed for a long time by his followers.

Hopefully this triumph encourages our beloved manufacturers to release the McLaren MCL35M scale model, and the carbon decals, and the paints, and a detailed book, and... C'mon Tamiya, Fujimi, Model Factory Hiro, start now with the design of the scale model, please!!! :) Hope is the last thing you lose, so we will go on waiting and looking forward to hearing some news soon...

While we dream about the scale model that we hope some day will exist and make it to SpotModel's shelves, we can build Tameo's DFV engine in 1/43 scale, or use the upgrade parts by KMP or the new 3D printed exhaust pipes by Scale Productions, or enjoy some of the photoetched sheet that Studio27 have just reissued :)

From SpotModel here are our congratulations to McLaren, but... in 1/20 scale ;-P

KMP Kool Models Production: Rims and tyres set 1/24 scale - Audi R8 GT3 LMS - 3D printed parts - for Nunu references PN24004, NU-24004, PN24004, NUNPN24004, PN24024, PN-24024, PN24028 and NU24028 - 2 + 2 units

Reference: KMP-TK24144

Set of 2 front and 2 rear rims and tires for the R8 GT3 LMS by nunu/beemax. This set is a simplified version of the KMP sold-out full set with brakes. It features a better design of the rims, and a correctly dimensioned set of tapered tires, that in the kit are same sized on all 4 wheels.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Transkit 1/24 scale - Ford Fiesta RS WRC - Aero Upgrade - Test version 2019 and 2020 - 3D printed parts, resin parts and water slide decals - for Belkits references BEL012, BEL-012, BEL013 and BEL-013

Reference: KMP-TK24104

Set design to replicate the 2019-2020 version of the Ford Fiesta WRC, including the huge rear aerodynamic updates and the new air extractor. Minimal cutting on the chassis is required. The rear bumper of the Belkits kit must be removed. This set includes: 1x resin casted 2019 upgrade bumper, 1x aerodynamic vents set 3D printed, 1x 2 parts air extractor 3D printed, 1x angled exhaust tip 3D printed, 1x set of aerodynamic mirrors, 1x decals sheet.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Rims 1/12 scale - Gotti rims for Porsche 934 Almeras - 3D printed parts - for Tamiya references TAM12020, BS1220, TAM12040, TAM12055, 12055 and TAM12056 - 5 units

Reference: KMP-12010

Set of 5 wheels designed to be mounted on the Tamiya model. The center bolt hides the M2 screw, and hubs and spacers are also provided in case this set is used in diecast models (also useful for the rear rims on the tamiya model). The Almeras team raced without the 5 bolts, using only the central nut. If you want to use the 5 standard Gotti screws, it will be necessary to hollow out the holes in the parts. It is suggested to glue and fix the cube to the model and putty the screw to hide it completely.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Transkit 1/24 scale - Toyota Supra 3.0 GT sponsored by Marlboro #2 - Juha Kankkunen, Bjrn Waldegrd, Eriksson Kenneth - Safary Rally Kenya 1988 - 3D printed parts, paint masks, resin parts, water slide decals, other materials and assembly instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM24062

Reference: KMP-TK24085

This transkit allows you to recreate the iconic Toyota Supra 3.0 GT that raced in the 1988 Safari Marlboro Kenya rally. The decal includes numbers for Kankkunen, Waldegard and Kenneth cars. This transkit is designed to use the Tamiya Toyota Supra 3.0 GT as a base. Includes more than 100 3D printed resin parts, 6 parts made in traditional resin cast, 1 digitally printed decals sheet, 1 set of cutting masks, 1 set of mirrors stickers, 1 full color assembly instructions booklet, and 1 set of metal wires. This article belongs to a limited edition of 50 units.
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Studio27: Carbon fibre pattern decal set 1/24 scale - Ford Mustang GT4 - water slide decals and placement instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM24354

Reference: ST27-CARBOND24038

The only and definitive decals with the carbon frames corresponding to the Tamiya Ford Mustang GT4 kit . You can not miss them !!
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KMP Kool Models Production: Rims 1/24 scale - BBS for Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 Wynns - 3D printed parts - 4 units

Reference: KMP-TK24061

Set of 4 rims (without tires) to replicate those used on the Wynns sponsored Mercedes Benz AMG GT3 in the presentation setup of the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - MG Metro 6R4 RX Biturbo sponsored by Silkolene - Will Golop - Rallycross 1992 - 3D printed parts, water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Belkits references BEL015, BEL-015, BEL016 and BEL-016

Reference: KMP-TK24112

Transkit for transforming your MG Metro Group B into the Biturbo rallycross beast that won the "final race" at the 1992 British Autoglass rallycross championship. This will allow you to show your model with an opened rear hood. The kit Includes the conversion of the engine to Biturbo as in the G-Tech specifications, rear structure to allow the opening of the trunk, wheels and tires, decals, dashboard, spoiler, and side mirrors.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Tarmac conversion set 1/24 scale - Ford Fiesta RS WRC 2007 - 3D printed parts and other materials - for Belkits references BEL012, BEL-012, BEL013 and BEL-013 - 4 units

Reference: KMP-TK24040

Set of 4 wheels, rims and brakes, to convert the Ford Fiesta WRC 2017 scale model manufactured by Belkits to the tarmac version. This set includes perfectly sized rims and tires with full thread and asymmetric design, and air valves are also included in the set. Wheels can be rotated and rims can be fitted onto the hub using the provided micro-magnets.
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Scale Production: Exhaust 1/24 scale - Exhaust muffler for Porsche - Type 3 - 3D printed parts

Reference: SP24306-1

Set of resin made exhaust pipes, to be used in several different Porsche scale models.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Rims 1/24 scale - Arcasting Rims for Toyota Corolla - 3D printed parts - for Tamiya reference TAM24209 - 5 units

Reference: KMP-TK24102

Set of 5 wheels with separate hubs, designed for use with the Toyota Corolla scale model by Tamiya.
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KMP Kool Models Production: Rims and tyres set 1/24 scale - BBS for Ford GT - 3D printed parts - for Tamiya reference TAM24346 - 4 units

Reference: KMP-TK24053

Set of wheels and tires for improving the Tamiya scale model. Includes 2 front tires + rim, 2 rear tires + rim, 4 rim hubs, 6 BBS logo decals.
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ScaleLab 24: Detail up set 1/24 scale - Toyota GR Supra - photo-etched parts - for Tamiya reference TAM24351

Reference: SL02-022

Set of photo-etched parts for improving your Tamiya model of the Toyota GR Supra. Includes brake discs, air vents, steering wheel paddles, pedals, etc.
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