Newsletter 483: Dear SpotModel

Dear SpotModel

Dear SpotModel
It is possible that the most veterans remember what modeling was like before the internet dominated our lives, let's say back in the 80's. To order a scale model from a specialized store, you had to first write a letter asking them to send you a list of What they had in stock, weeks later you received the postal reply with the photocopied list and then, happier than a clam, you placed your order, again by letter.

After a long time you received a new letter, this time with the confirmation of your reserved products and so you had to go in person to the bank to stand in the queue and make a bank transfer for the products purchased. The receipt of the payment was sent one more time by letter to the store, and again a few weeks later, you received your order.

In those years words like "photo-etch", "transkit", "Alclad", "Studio27", "lacquer", ... just didn't exist. You simply ordered a scale model and half a dozen of Pactra, Humbrol, Molak or Tamiya colors... and with a little bit of luck you even got it delivered! :)

Remembering all this, we only intend to praise the advantages of the internet and globalization for these cases, which give us the possibility of accessing an extensive product catalog with a simple click, with great price competition and the logistic agility of these times. GREAT!!! Nobody remembers the endless weeks (or months) of waiting to receive any news about your models, or a shipment without a tracking number, or the non-existent variety of products, nor really unpopular prices in most cases.

How happy we are that the internet, the electronic devices and SpotModel exist!! :D

Number Five: Paint for airbrush - TS050 Hybrid White - 1 x 30ml - for Tamiya references TAM24349 and TAM25421

Reference: N5-C089

White color tone used by Toyota in the TS050 Hybrid and which is perfect for use in the Tamiya scale models.
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Number Five: Paint for airbrush - Fast And Furious Green - 1 x 30ml - for Revell reference REV07691

Reference: N5-C103

Very intense green color similar the tone used in the 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse featured in The Fast And The Furious. We recommend this color for use in the Revell scale model.
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Number Five: Paint for airbrush - Quattro Rally White - 1 x 30ml - for Italeri references 3642, IT3642 and 03642, or Revell references REV07246 and 85-7246, or Tamiya reference TAM24036

Reference: N5-C094

White color tone used in the official Audi Quattro Rally cars and in the units delivered to customers. This color is the most suitable for use on the bodywork of the Tamiya, Italeri and Revell models.
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Scale Production: Nuts 1/24 scale - Central wheel hub nut - other materials - 4 + 4 units

Reference: SP24281

Modern central nut. Four units are served in black and four units are served in chrome.
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Studio27: Carbon fibre pattern decal set 1/24 scale - BMW M8 GTE - water slide decals and placement instructions - for Nunu references PN24010 and NU-24010

Reference: ST27-CARBOND24040

Set of two decal sheets with all the carbon fiber pattern decals necessary to build Nunu's scale model of the BMW M8 GTE in a masterful way. It includes, among others, the CF patterns of the doors, spoilers, bucket seats, center console, diffuser, steering wheel, etc.
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ScaleLab 24: Detail up set 1/24 scale - Porsche Kremer 935 K2 - paint masks and photo-etched parts - for Beemax Model Kits references B24015, 105108 and aos10510

Reference: SL02-012

Add more realism to your scale model of the magnificent Porsche Kremer 935 K2 by Nunu with this set of photo-etched parts and paint masks.
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Print Lab Decals: Marking / livery 1/27 scale - Ferrari 360 Modena JMB Racing Team sponsored by Giesse #62 2001 - water slide decals manufactured with digital technology

Reference: PLB2-823489

Decal set for Kyosho mini-Z Ferrari 360 GTC white body (MZN117), allowing you to recreate the car #62 of the JMB Racing team that took part in the 24-Hours SPA 2001 endurance competition.
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Number Five: Paint for airbrush - Escort Mk I White - 1 x 30ml - for Belkits references BEL006, BEL-006, BEL007 and BEL-007, or Decalcas reference DCL-DEC030, or Reji Model references REJI-245, REJI-311, REJI311, REJI-329 and REJI329, or Studio27 reference ST27-DC1172

Reference: N5-C102

White color used by the Ford factory to paint the Escort Mk I that was delivered to both individual customers and rally teams. This color has been designed to be used on the Belkits models.
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Number Five: Paint for airbrush - F92A Red - 1 x 30ml - for Fujimi references FJ090542, 09054, GPSP-8, FJ09084, GPSP-15, FJ090894, 09089 and GPSP-17, or Tameo Kits reference TMK152

Reference: N5-C106

Red color matchign the tone used at the Ferrari factory to paint the 1992 Ferrari F92A, and that we recommend using in the Fujimi and Tameo models.
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Number Five: Paint for airbrush - Type AG Red - 1 x 30ml - for Heller reference 30705

Reference: N5-C109

Dark red color tone as used by Renault in the different models of the classic Type AG. This is the perfect color to use with the Heller scale models.
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