Newsletter 415: Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss?

Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss?

Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss?
In 1951, a young English boy made his debut at the Formula 1 World Championship at the Swiss Grand Prix, where he finished eighth. From then, he raced, and raced, and raced until 1962, when he suffered a very serious accident on the Goodwood circuit. During those years, he won 212 of the 529 races he took part in all kinds of cars and competitions, from Le Mans to F1, F2 or the Mille Miglia... Absolutely genius. He was the driver with the most victories but without ever winning a Formula 1 World Championship, making him one of the champions without a crown. Quite a symbol ("Mr Motor Racing"), not only for his victories, but for his way of racing and the sportsmanship he showed.

Always with a smile on his face, in a calm voice, ready to sign autographs and chat with fans, this motor ace died a few days ago at the age of 90 years. An anecdote that Moss told is that, on more than one occasion when the police made him pull over for going "a little bit too fast", they shouted at him with anger before handing over the documentation or recognizing him: "Who do you think you are? Stirling Moss?" XD

At SpotModel, having had the luck of meeting him in person, we remember him with great affection and dedicate him a warm farewell :)

Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - Porsche Kremer 935 K3 - for Nunu reference PN24006

Reference: KOM-FG015

This issue of our FAST Guides covers the Porsche Kremer 935 K3, sponsored by Gozzy, with amazing detail. Featuring 32 A5 size pages including full-size digitally-enhanced colour pictures taken to the car today, printed with the highest accuracy and showing each and every detail of the rims, engine, dashboard and bodywork.
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Decalcas: Window frame paint masks 1/24 scale - Audi R8 LMS GT3 - paint masks - for Nunu references PN24004, NU-24004, PN24004 and NUNPN24004

Reference: DCL-MSK011

Set of paint masks to use in the Audi R8 LMS GT3 kits by Nunu, allowing you to easily paint the frames of all the car windows with great accuracy.
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ICM: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Benz Patent-Motorwagen 1886 - photo-etched parts, plastic parts, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Reference: ICM24040

Incredible, fantastic, delicious, absolutely different from the usual, ... Everything we say about this gorgeous model of the Benz Patent-Motorwagen falls too short. Just a quick look at the photo-etched parts of the tires are more than enough to make you drool for a while :-)
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Studio27: Detail up set 1/24 scale - Ford GT40 - photo-etched parts and assembly instructions - for Fujimi references FJ12101, HR-1, FJ12125, FJ12129, HR-10, FJ12130, FJ12131, FJ12132, FJ12134, FJ12135, FJ12138, FJ12139, FJ12143, FJ12147, FJ12148, FJ12158, FJ12159, FJ12160, FJ12161, FJ12166, FJ12170, FJ12172, FJ12306, FJ123066, FJ126036, RS-16, FJ126043, RS-32, FJ12605, FJ126050, RS-97, FJ126067 and RS-51

Reference: ST27-FP2439

Do not stop for a second hesitating whether if you should use this photo-etched parts set on your Fujimi model of the classic Ford GT40, since it includes all the right and minimum parts to give it a very real appearance. You have the bonnet latches, the intake grid, the rear engine ventilation grid, etc.
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Studio27: Detail up set 1/24 scale - Lamborghini Miura and Jota - photo-etched parts and assembly instructions - for Hasegawa references 20278, 20319, 21213, HC-13, HC13, HSG21213, HAHC13, 21214, HC-14, HAHC13, 21213 and HC-13

Reference: ST27-FP2481

These two cars definitely set a landmark in the history of Lamborghini, and now you can now enhance both of them thanks to this photoetch by Studio27.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Red Arrows Signal Red - 1 x 60ml - for Airbrush

Reference: ZP-1363

Red paint similar to the tone used by the Red Arrows acrobatic squadron.It is served ready for airbrush use in a 60ml bottle.
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Tabu Design: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Mazda 787B - 24 Hours Le Mans 1991 - water slide decals - for Tamiya reference TAM24352

Reference: TABU24084

Additional logos not included in the original Tamiya kit, to be used with numbers 18 and 55.
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Print Lab Decals: Decals 1/24 scale - Porsche Kremer 935 K3 T-Bird Swap Shop Team #41 - Preston Henn + Marcel Mignot + Michael Chandler - 24 Hours Le Mans 1981 - water slide decals manufactured with digital technology - for Nunu reference PN24006

Reference: PLB2-461542

Decoration designed for Nunu scale model reference PN24006 to recreate the vehicle sponsored by T-Bird Swap Shop Team that raced with number # 41 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1981.
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Humbrol: Thinner - Enamel Thinner - 1 x 125ml

Reference: HUMBROL-AC7430

Solvent for enamel paints. It can be used to dilute the paint when you want to apply it with airbrush, and it's specifically formulated for Humbrol's Enamel paints range.
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AMT: Model car kit 1/25 scale - Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 1968 - metal parts, plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Reference: AMT868-12

Limited time reedition of this AMT reference. As usual, the kit includes a fully detailed engine and interior, in addition to allowing you to build two different versions of the car.
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Zero Paints: Primer - Light Grey Primer - 1 x 250ml

Reference: ZP-3034

New light gray primer, with a formulation revised and improved by Zero Paints to achieve finishes with higher quality, coverage and grip. Served ready for airbrush use in 250ml bottles, and recommended to primer your models and plastic parts.
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Renaissance Models: Spare part - Spare box for standard 1/43 kits

Reference: BOX-1-43

Cardboard box for replacing the old box from your Renaissance model.
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Ukrainian Scale Cars Production: Transkit 1/24 scale - Mansory AMG GT-S - resin parts and rubber parts - for Revell references REV07028 and 80-7028

Reference: 24T037

Absolutely mind blowing, it's the only workd we can find to describe this transkit to recreat the Mansory AMG GT-S based on the Mercedes Benz AMG GT. Inside the box you will find the bodywork, low profile tires, rims, rear spoiler and other parts, all executed in a thin and silky touch resin, really spectacular. Must be seen to be believed. It is without any doubts a great product from USCP.
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