Newsletter 395: Second Chance

Second Chance

Second Chance
In scale modeling world you might face devastating moments, for instance when a manufacturer discontinues that kit that you wanted to have sooo badly and didn't order in time... And if we talk about resin kits the thing is even worse, right?

Well, back in the 70s there was a TV show on Spanish TV called "The second chance", in which Paco Costas, a journalist specializing in motor and road safety issues, advised viewers on the correct practices behind the wheel and raised awareness of the dangers you might face while driving. The format of the program was striking, because as the name implies it granted a second chance to the protagonist of an accident and analyzed what his behavior should have been in order to avoid it.

As the show said: "Sometimes, it would be great to have a second chance?". And yes, on this occasion, our wishes have been fulfilled and MFH gives us this second opportunity to not miss the different versions of the Lancia 037 in 1/24 scale they published a while ago for the non-Japanese market, and that again you can have if you rush, reaaaly rush, because they WILL fly off the shelves again :D

Avoid a new disaster and get your 037 at SpotModel!!

Model Factory Hiro: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Lancia 037 Rally sponsored by Martini #1 - Walter Rhrl + Christian Geistdrfer - Monte Carlo Rally - Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 1983 - photo-etched parts, resin parts, rubber parts, seatbelt fabric, turned metal parts, vacuum formed parts, water slide decals, white metal parts, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Model Factory Hiro Reference: MFH-K504

You have in front a very exclusive work, since this kit has been released in Japan in a limited overseas edition. Do NOT miss those immaculate resin parts, those countless white metal parts, those detailed decals, those many photoetched parts, and the building instructions fully made of 3D images for guiding your path through this assembly.
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Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - McLaren TAG Porsche MP4/2C - for Italeri references 4711 and IT4711, or Nunu references PN20001, B20005,B20001

Komakai Reference: KOM-UDG012

New issue of the Ultra Detail Guides series by Komakai, this time covering the McLaren TAG Porsche MP4/2C. The book, absolutely essential, includes no less than 142 pages with full color pictures of the interior, exterior, engine, mechanical parts, etc. of one of the most fantastic formula 1 cars of the 80s.
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Decalcas: Detail 1/24 scale - Air jack connection valve - resin parts - 12 units

Decalcas Reference: DCL-PAR011

Package with 12 resin made compressed air connectors, perfect for your racing cars models in 1/24 or 1/25 scale.
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Profil24: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 911 GT1 98 Porsche AG Team sponsored by Mobil1 #25, 26 - Jrg Mller + Uwe Alzen + Robert 'Bob' Wollek, Allan McNish + Stphane Ortelli + Laurent Aiello - 24 Hours Le Mans 1998 - photo-etched parts, resin parts, seatbelt fabric, vacuum formed parts, water slide decals, other materials and assembly instructions

Profil24 Reference: P24114K

After almost achieving it in '96, and staying further the previous year, Porsche returned to the fray at the 1998 Le Mans 24 Hours with a more refined and evolved Porsche 911 GT1, achieving an undeniable double, being the unit with the dorsal #26 the one that crossed the finish line in first position. Most of the pieces in this model are executed in resin, which are complemented by a photo-etched plate for the finer details, all with the usual quality and detail of Profil24.
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Renaissance Models: Bonnet pins 1/18 scale - Bonnet pins - photo-etched parts - 8 units

Renaissance Models Reference: 18ATTBOUCL

Set of hood closures as used in competition, to use with your 1/18 scale and even in 1/16 scale model kits. Each package contains 8 units.
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Renaissance Models: Tarmac conversion set 1/24 scale - OZ Racing 15 inches with Michelin LTX Force tyres - resin parts and rubber parts - 4 units

Renaissance Models Reference: 24OZ15T

The most used OZ rims on gravel rallies during 2017, 2018 and 2019, with Michelin LTX Force gravel tires, now available from Renaissance. All rims measure 17x9mm, and tires measure 26.6x9.6mm.
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Renaissance Models: Gravel conversion set 1/24 scale - Volkswagen Polo WRC - gravel set-up - resin parts and rubber parts - for Belkits references BEL-005, BEL010, BEL-010, BEL011 and BEL-011

Renaissance Models Reference: TK24-456

Set of resin and rubber parts for adapting the Volkswagen Polo WRC by Belkits to gravel tracks. It includes all four tires, brake discs, shock absorbers and tires.
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Renaissance Models: Snow conversion set 1/24 scale - Volkswagen Polo WRC - snow set up - resin parts and rubber parts - for Belkits references BEL-005, BEL010, BEL-010, BEL011 and BEL-011

Renaissance Models Reference: TK24-457

Parts for adapting the Volkswagen Polo WRC by Belkits to the snow set-up Includes shock absorbers, tires, brake discs, and asymmetric snow tires.
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Scale Production: Detail up set 1/24 scale - BMW M1 Group B Procar - CNC metal parts, photo-etched parts, plastic parts, turned metal parts and assembly instructions - for Italeri references 3627, 3643, IT3643 and 3643.OUTLET, or Revell references REV07247 and 80-7247

Scale Production Reference: SPTK24013

Exactly what your Revell BMW M1 needed, four great rims with top quality photo-etched parts, right? The rims and central nuts are made of turned aluminum, and the rest of the pieces, including the rim cores, are photo-etched. Tires are not included.
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Tabu Design: Marking / livery 1/20 scale - McLaren Honda MP4/4 McLaren Racing Limited Team sponsored by Marlboro #11, 12 - Ayrton Senna da Silva, Alain Prost - FIA Formula 1 World Championship 1988 - water slide decals and tobacco sponsor decals - for Tamiya references TAM20022, TAM89719 and TAM92208

Tabu Design Reference: TABU20015B

Decal sheet with the complete decoration of the 1988 McLaren MP4/4 with all the logos used during the season, including those of the tobacco advertising that are not present in the most modern reissues of the Tamiya kit. It also includes interesting details such as decals to complete the decoration of the pilots' helmets, or the labels seen on the tread of new tires. This decal belongs to a limited edition of few units.
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Hasegawa: Motorbike scale model kit 1/12 scale - Suzuki GSX-R750 (G) 1986 - plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Hasegawa Reference: 21507

It has been more than 37 years since the appearance of the first Suzuki GSX-750 on the market, a pioneering model in the offer of motorcycles derived from competition, but approved for use on the street. The model offers us a very complete exploded view of all the mechanics, as well as the chassis, with the new swingarm incorporated for the 1986 version. Its characteristic front with the double faired headlight is more than recognizable. A legend!
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Tameo Kits: Car scale model kit 1/43 scale - Williams Honda FW11B Williams Grand Prix Engineering Team sponsored by Canon Mobil1 #5, 6 - Nigel Ernest James Mansell, Nelson Piquet - British Formula 1 Grand Prix 1987 - photo-etched parts, rubber parts, turned metal parts, water slide decals, white metal parts, other materials, assembly instructions, painting instructions and tobacco sponsor decals

Tameo Kits Reference: TMK438

Fantastic Tameo kit of the Williams Honda FW11B in the version that raced the British Formula 1 Grand Prix. It includes, in addition to the usual white metal parts, several turned metal parts, and pre-shaped photo-etched parts for the tires and spoilers. A really enjoyable model indeed!
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Renaissance Models: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Peugeot 106 Xsi Peugeot Sport Team #22, 42 - Gilles Panizzi + Herv Panizzi, Christian Bruzi + Jean-Jacques Pages - Tour de Corse 1993 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Hachette Collections diecast

Renaissance Models Reference: TK24-470

Insanely fast, and a great driving school. So were the small Peugeot 106 Xsi Gr.A. Renaissance has designed a complete set of decals to transform the 1/24 scale "Auto Vintage" series die-cast car from the manufacturer Hachette-collections into the rally version used in the 1993 Tour de Corse Rally. And for the complete conversion, don't forget the Renaissance transkit to transform the interior into a real rally car.
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