Newsletter 344: Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!


There are several things that define the Ferrari GTs: the roar of their engines, the smell of their interiors, their fantastic colors, their daring curves, their horsepower... and of course, their breakthrough appearance in 1/24 scale when we finish their assembly and place them in our shelf :D

There are few opportunities to say this, as there are very few manufacturers that manage to obtain Ferrari licenses to make and market scale models. One of these brave manufacturers is Model Factory Hiro, from whom we bring you two of their latest creations: two Ferrari 488 GTE that raced the Le Mans 24 Hours in 2018, both in 1/24 scale, and with a very interesting price.

It also happens sometimes that manufacturers fail to renew their licenses and agreements so they have to stop the production of some kits. Unfortunately, this has been the case of Model Factory Hiro: at the end of the year, their license with Ferrari ends so they will have to stop its production of scale "cavallinos".

So you'd better ruuuuuuuuuuuuun to SpotModel... these Ferrari can still be yours!!

Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - Lancia 037 Rally

Reference: KOM-UDG010

New issue of the Ultra Detail Guides series, this time about the Lancia 037 Rally. The book, absolutely essential , includes no less than 198 full-color pictures of the interior, exterior, engine, mechanical parts, etc. of what is one of the most fantastic rally cars of the 80s.
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Beemax Model Kits: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Audi Quattro Sport S1 Group B Audi Team Team sponsored by HB International #2, 5, 6 - Hannu Mikkola + Arne Hertz, Walter Rhrl + Christian Geistdrfer - Monte Carlo Rally - Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo, Sanremo Rally 1986 and 1985 - plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, other materials, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Reference: B24017

For a long time we all dreamed of building the tremendous Audi S1 in plastic, and finally we can say that our dreams have come true. The kit includes the decoration of the official team at Monte-carlo 1986 and Sanremo 1985, but it does not include tobacco logos!!.
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Mr Hobby Gunze Sangyo: Mr Color paint - Flat clear - 1 x 10ml

Reference: C182

Flat clear for brush applications, served in 10ml bottles.
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Zero Paints: Paints set for airbrush - Honda CB750 Four Candy Orange - 2 x 30ml - for Tamiya reference TAM16001

Reference: ZP-1532

Set of two paint bottles for recreating the pearly orange tone of the Honda CB750 four.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Calsonic blue - 1 x 60ml

Reference: ZP-1517

Blue color tone used in Calsonic sponsored vehicles, especially Nissan GTs racing the Japanese championship .
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Maserati 250F red - 1 x 60ml

Reference: ZP-1536

Red color tone, formulated from the original color codes used in the Maserati 250F. This painting is designed to be used exclusively with an airbrush. It requires a layer of varnish or lacquer to achieve the perfect shine.
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Scale Production: Tyre set 1/24 scale - 19 inches 4x4 Offroad tyres - rubber parts - for Scale Production reference SPRF24148 - 4 units

Reference: SPR24026

Tires for 4x4 vehicles, measuring aprox. 21.5mm inside diameter, 39.5 outside diameter, and 16.5mm wide.
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Virages: Logotypes 1/24 scale - Castrol - water slide decals

Reference: VIR-358

Very interesting decals sheet, filled with Castrol logos for your scale models.
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