Newsletter 265: GT 40

GT 40

GT 40
Many of you have asked us during these years for the "all open" scale model of Ford's most iconic machine of the 1960s. We have great news: FINALLY the legendary all open kit in 1/43 scale of the Ford GT 40 is being reissued by Profil :D

To celebrate it, starting from today until Wednesday May 25th at 23:59 CET, we offer you a 5% discount in eeeeevery Profil product. To get it, just type the promocode FORDGT40 when placing your order 8-D

At SpotModel we love giving you good news :)

Top Studio: Detail 1/24 scale - Shock Absorber - Set III - metal parts and turned metal parts

Top Studio Reference: TD23100

Set of four shock absorbers including springs and turned parts to be used in either Formula 1 cars, street cars, sports cars and rally cars, in both 1/24 and 1/20 scales. The mounted shock absorber has a length of 9 mm and a diameter of 3,8 mm.
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Top Studio: Detail up set 1/12 scale - Kawasaki ZX-10R 2011 - metal parts, photo-etched parts, resin parts, turned metal parts and assembly instructions - for Fujimi references FJ14138 and 141381

Top Studio Reference: TD23099

Do not gamble with your beloved model and give it a touch of realism with this detail up set by Top Studio. Made of turned metal, it also includes various resins and photo-etched parts for improving brake discs, wiring, connectors, radiator, front fork and several engine parts.
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Heller: Motorbike scale model kit 1/8 scale - Laverda 750 SFC Competition 1971 - plastic model kit

Heller Reference: 52911

Rubber parts, chromed parts, aluminium prepainted parts, and on and on until you reach the 298 parts included in the enormous box of this scale model. Can you refrain to this motorbike beauty?
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Top Studio: Detail up set 1/12 scale - Honda RC213V - Motorcycle World Championship 2014 - photo-etched parts, resin parts, turned metal parts, other materials and assembly instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM14130

Top Studio Reference: MD29016

Enhancement and detail-up set for the 2014 Honda RC213V featuring, among many others, lots of photo-etched parts, resin parts, metal parts, tubes, wires, ... A real wonder for improving your Tamiya scale model. You will be able to improve and further detail the clutch, electrical connectors, hydraulic connectors, brake discs, chain tensioner, exhaust pipe, gear-shift rod, wiring, etc. The set does NOT include the chain to be built one link at a time (ref. TD23177).
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Shunko Models: Marking / livery 1/20 scale - Benetton Ford B192 Benetton Formula Ltd Team sponsored by Camel #19, 20 - Michael Schumacher, Martin Brundle - FIA Formula 1 World Championship 1992 - water slide decals, assembly instructions and tobacco sponsor decals - for Tamiya reference TAM20036

Shunko Models Reference: SHK-D281

Do not panic! Shunko Models brings us the complete decals with all the tobacco advertising for Schumacher's precious B192. At last the decals are no longer an impediment to be able to assemble your old kit!!
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Tamiya: Hobby tool 1/24 scale - Electric router bit set - metal parts - 5 units

Tamiya Reference: TAM74043

Router bit set in a very handy plastic box, including 5 bits with different shapes perfect for deburring and cleaning mold marks, either manually or with the electric mini drill.
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Pacer: Glue - Z-7 Debonder - 1 x 30ml - for Pacer reference PT19

Pacer Reference: PT16

Stain remover for all types of cyanoacrylate adhesives (ZAP, Super glue 3 Loctite, ...) Includes 29.5ml of product. This product may affect some plastics. Apply with caution.
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Tamiya: Front fork set 1/12 scale - Front Fork and Rear Dumper Honda RC213V 2014 - CNC metal parts, plastic parts, turned metal parts and assembly instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM14130

Tamiya Reference: TAM12667

Front fork and rear dumper detail-up set for the Honda RC213V by Tamiya. Includes plastic, turned metal and CNC machined parts, as well as the rear dumper coil spring pre-painted in yellow.
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Revell: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Group 4 Kremer Racing Team sponsored by Vaillant #9 - Robert 'Bob' Wollek - European GT Championship 1976 - plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals and assembly instructions

Revell Reference: REV07032

One of the most eagerly awaited scale models by Revell, the Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Group 4 with Vaillant decoration. The kit includes detailed engine, fully operable rear bonet and front trunk, detailed interior, etc.
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