Newsletter 233: Decalcas + Ducati + Desmosedici

Decalcas + Ducati + Desmosedici

Decalcas + Ducati + Desmosedici
This week we bring another Decalcas reference right from the oven, and we didn't want to miss the opportunity to highlight the quality of these guys' products... we are just truly amazed!

Once again we are drooling over the new windshield for the Ducati Desmosedici GP3 by Tamiya. Gorgeously shaped and made of perfectly cut vacuum formed parts, you simply put it on your scale model with some glue and the result is spectacular.

We LOVE Decalcas products... That's why you can find each and every one of them at SpotModel :)

Decalcas: Vacuum formed parts 1/12 scale - Ducati Desmosedici GP3 - Motorcycle World Championship 2003 - vacuum formed parts - for Tamiya reference TAM14101

Reference: DCL-VAC006

Ducati Desmosedici GP3 '03 windshield made of 0.2mm transparent laminated material, for replacing the transparent plastic parts of your kit. You will achieve a more realistic look on your kit, both for the reduced thickness (much closer to reality on that scale than the original transparent part) as well as for its shininess and transparency. Windshield comes already cut, fitting your model perfectly without any additional cutting.
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Model Factory Hiro: Tyre set 1/20 scale - Bridgestone Potenza F1 - rubber parts - 4 units

Reference: MFH-P1102

Bridgestone Potenza F1 tyres for formula 1 in 1/20 scale. It includes the Bridgestone Potenza legend printed on the sides of the tyre.
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Model Factory Hiro: Tyre set 1/20 scale - Goodyear F1 Rain 1980s - rubber parts - 4 units

Reference: MFH-P1101

Formula 1 rain tires as used in the 80s. Made of vulcanized solid rubber, just like actual tires are manufactured. GoodYear logos included, printed in white ink.
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Model Factory Hiro: Seatbelts 1/12 scale - Red racing seatbelt - photo-etched parts, seatbelt fabric, white metal parts, other materials and assembly instructions

Reference: MFH-P1103

Including Boss, Sabelt and Arexons logos, as well as photoetched parts, white metal parts for the buckles and fabric stripes.
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Reji Model: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Lancia 037 Rally sponsored by Seven Up #2 - Salvador Servi + Jordi Sabater - Catalunya Costa Dorada RACC Rally 1986 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Hasegawa references 20264, 20277, 20299, 20399, 20414, 20447, 20485, 20523, 25030, CR-30, HACR30, 25030 and CR-30

Reference: REJI-109

It doesn't get more beautiful than the Lancia 037. And this decoration of the car that raced the Catalonia Rally with Salvador Servi at the wheel is almost the canon of beauty. These decals also include green stripes for the bonnet and sides, although well seasoned modelers usually draw them with paint. Do you dare?
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Renaissance Models: Transkit 1/24 scale - Citron Mehari Gendarmerie - resin parts - for Heller reference 80760

Reference: TK24-429

Parts for upgrading Heller's Citron Mehari to the "Gendarmerie" version.
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Renaissance Models: Rims and tyres set 1/24 scale - Campagnolo 15 inches - resin parts and rubber parts - for Decalcas reference DCL-DEC044, or Fujimi references FJ12385 and FJ123851, or Model Factory Hiro references MFH-K063, K-063, MFH-K065 and K-065

Reference: 24CAMP512

Set of Campagnolo rims and tyres for improving both Ferraris 512S and 512M. Once assembled, the diameter of the rear set (rim + tire) is 25mm by 13mm wide, and the front set diameter measures 27.5mm by 17.5mm wide.
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Scale Production: Rims 1/24 scale - BBS E56 16 inches - CNC metal parts, photo-etched parts, plastic parts, resin parts and turned metal parts - for Italeri reference 3625, or Revell references REV07031 and REV07032, or Tamiya references TAM24328 and TAM24334 - 4 units

Reference: SPRF24059

Set of rims with photo-etched center insert and turned aluminum ring and resin. Tyres are not included. Rim diameter is 19mm, and they feature a variable width: depending on how you combine the different parts, it can be either 10,5mm / 15mm (front/rear), or 12.4mm / 13mm (front/rear). The set is designed for the Porsche 934 scale model kit by both Tamiya and Revell.
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Scale Production: Detail up set 1/24 scale - BMW M1 Group A Procar - CNC metal parts, photo-etched parts, plastic parts, turned metal parts and assembly instructions - for Italeri references 3627, 3643 and IT3643, or Revell references REV07247 and 80-7247

Reference: SPTK24013

Exactly what your Revell BMW M1 needed, four great rims with top quality photoetches, right? The rims are made in turned aluminium, and the rest of the pieces including the core come in a highly detailed photoetch. Tyres not included.
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Czech Truck Model: Photo-etched parts 1/24 scale - Scania R series - photo-etched parts - for Italeri references 3850, 3879, 3897, 3903, 3906, 3930, 3952 and ITA3952

Reference: CTM24036

Set of photoetched grids and windshield wipers for improving the exterior looks of the Scania R series truck cabins.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Grigio Reventon Matt - Code: 0114 - 1 x 60ml - for Fujimi references FJ125596, 12559 and RS-40

Reference: ZP-1020-0114

Matt gray tone just like the one used in the Lamborghini Reventon. The product is available in 60ml bottles, and the paint is ready to be used directly in your airbrush.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Bronze - Similar to X-33 - 1 x 30ml

Reference: ZP-7033

Pre-thinned and ready for airbrush use color, formulated to look exactly the same as Tamiya's X-33 tone.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - White Textured - 1 x 60ml

Reference: ZP-1389

This curious paint offers a textured finish when applied, making it perfect for bringing more realism and depth to engines, panels, interiors, ...
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Aoshima: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 - paint masks, plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Reference: 01382

Special edition of the Huracan, including two different rims sets (Japan sold scale model kit includes just one set).
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