Newsletter 218: V12


It isn't noise, it's music. They aren't vibrations, they're choreographs. It isn't violence, it's power. With 3500cc, 12 cylinders and 710hp, it pushed the McLaren Honda MP4/6 with absolute determination to both the first and second positions of the World Championship during 1991. A mechanical technology wonder that even today makes your legs shake!!!

Now look at the super detailed kit by Top Studio we have for you at SpotModel for improving the engine on the seasoned Tamiya MP4/6 kit in 1/12 scale.

You have to admit it: your legs are shaking!!!!

Top Studio: Detail up set 1/12 scale - McLaren Honda MP4/6 - for Tamiya references TAM12028, TAM49571 and TAM89721

Reference: TD23160

An excellent enhancement set for Tamiya MP4/6 in 1/12 scale. Includes deliciously detailed and perfectly reproduced resin parts, turned metal parts, a vast number of photoetched parts, and accurate instructions.
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Revell: Model van kit 1/24 scale - Volkswagen Transporter T1 sponsored by Jagermeister - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07076

Volkswagen T1 van on its "Kastenwagen" ("panel van") version, meaning with blind side panels. This is the perfect kit to let your imagination fly and build a diorama, painting it full of flowers and with a surf board, or just leave it as it is in the box picture with the Jagermeister logos.
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Revell: Model truck kit 1/25 scale - Marmon Conventional - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07429

A Marmon Convetional super truck with the "Stars & Stripes" decoration, now reproduced by Revell in 1/25 scale. The box hides some massive and awesome decals with the American stars and stripes decoration, as well as a pile of chromed parts, fully detailed engine, full chassis, ...
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Revell: Tractor head model kit 1/25 scale - International Prostar - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07411

An incredible kit from Revell USA including 273 parts, six wheel chassis, fully detailed cabin, Italy printed decals with offset technologies, more than 50 chromed parts, photoetched main grid, ...
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Revell: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Chevrolet Corvette Roadster 1953 and 1954 - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07067

A true classic from American races, now in 1/24 scale by Revell. The kit includes detailed engine, chromed parts, operating bonet, and the choice to build either the 1953 or 1954 engine versions.
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Revell: Model truck kit 1/25 scale - International LoneStar 2010 - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07408

International Lone Star scale model kit designed by Revell USA, that inside the enormous box hides a mountain of parts for building its detailed engine, cabin interior, photoetched parts for the main grid, more than 70 chromed parts, and two different offset printed decal versions..
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Revell: Tractor head model kit 1/24 scale - Man TGX XLX - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07426

Excellent scale model kit of the powerful Max TGX XLX truck, offered by Revell with an enormous decals sheet, chromed parts, and one-piece injected chassis.
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Revell: Model truck kit 1/25 scale - Kenworth W900 Dump Truck - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07406

Another edition of the Kenworth W900, with long chassis and in its Dump Truck version. Includes a gorgeous decals sheet printed in Italy with offset techniques, fully broke up chassis, detailed cabin, several chromed parts sprues, detailed engine and extensive assembly instructions.
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Revell: Model van kit 1/16 scale - Volkswagen Transporter T1 - plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Reference: REV07009

A very sophisticated kit of the legendary Volkswagen T1 Samba Bus van, including the whole detailed interior, functional doors, open or closed roof, detailed engine, parts for both American and European versions, chromed parts, and extensive assembly instructions. Built size is 27.2cm long.
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Shunko Models: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Mazda 767B sponsored by NWB #230 - 24 Hours Le Mans 1991 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Hasegawa references SP60 and 51560

Reference: SHK-D305

Here are the newly designed and freshly printed Mazda 767B decals that will look perfect in the long time discontinued Hasegawa kit.
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Revell: Model van kit 1/24 scale - Volkswagen Transporter T1 sponsored by Lufthansa - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07436

Inside the box of this Volkswagen T1 Samba / Sunroof Deluxe bus scale model kit, you will find 167 parts that will make you enjoy its assembly for endless hours, in addition to decals for recreating the version used by Lufthansa for passenger transportation on German airports. Revell recommends the assembly of this kit only for advanced modelers.
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Revell: Model car kit 1/25 scale - Volkswagen Transporter T3 Westfalia Joker Camper - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07344

Build now the Camper Westfalia version of the Volkswagen T3 in 1/25 scale, brough to you by Revell. The kit allows an open build with open side and rear doors, so you can show (off) the interior of the van. That's the perfect kit for a beach side diorama!!
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Zero Paints: Paints set for airbrush - Tricolore Italian Flag - 3 x 30ml - for Tamiya references TAM14129 and TAM14132

Reference: ZP-4200

Set of 3 x 30ml paint bottles with each one of the Italian flag colors (white, green and red) used in all kind of decorations, such as the Ducati Panigale for instance.
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Studio27: Photo-etched parts 1/24 scale - Toyota TA64 Celica - for Beemax Model Kits references B24004 and Aoshima 084564

Reference: ST27-FP24189

Photoetched parts set for improving Aoshima Toyota TA64 Celica scale model kit including fabric for simulating harness seat belts, in addition to grids, windshield wipers, harness buckles, brake discs and many other parts.
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Mr Hobby Gunze Sangyo: Cotton swabs - Mr. Precision Swab I - 50 units

Reference: GT-69

Pack of 50 reinforced fine tip cotton swabs, perfect for decal application, paint blurring, small spot cleaning, ...
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