Newsletter 208: Welcome... trucks!!

Welcome... trucks!!

Welcome... trucks!!
They have loooots of wheels, they are veeery big, awesome, sophisticated, veeeery powerful, and some of them even go to the racetracks. We LOVE them!!! That's why they have found a place in our hearts, and of course in SpotModel's warehouse.

Do NOT hesitate... put a track in your shelf!!!

Revell: Model car kit 1/25 scale - Ford Mustang GT 2014 - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07061

Coming from the American market, this Revell kit features a car body in aluminium colored plastic that also includes painted blue stripes. Parts listing also includes a fuuully detailed engine as well as the interior and bottom of the car.
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Studio27: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - BMW 318i sponsored by Watson's #1 - Emanuele Pirro, Steve Soper, Joachim Winkelhock - Guia Race of Macau 1993 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Hasegawa references 20269, CS-13, 20270, 20271 and 20551

Reference: ST27-DC1107

Yellow, red, green, fluo orange, a whole color party and all of them incredibly saturated, make of these Studio27 decals printed by Cartograf a mind blowing color show. Awesome!
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Tamiya: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Toyota Gazoo Racing TRD 86 sponsored by TRD #104 - World Championship 2013 - plastic model kit

Reference: TAM24337

As awesome as always, here's the new Tamiya scale model of one of the modern racing icons: the Toyota Gazoo. Kit features a detailed engine, full break-up of transmission and shock absorbing systems, masks for painting window frames... and an endless number of parts that will make you enjoy it for hours!!
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Shunko Models: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Audi Quattro Rally Audi Sport Team #9 - Michele Mouton + Fabrizia Pons - Acropolis rally 1982 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM24036

Reference: SHK-D192

Do NOT miss this reedition of these magnificent decals by Shunko, to be used with the absolutely discontinued Audi Quattro scale model kit by Tamiya.
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Studio27: Seatbelts 1/20 scale - Formula 1 seatbelt - photo-etched parts, decals, metal pieces

Reference: ST27-FP20143

Studio27 mind blowing Formula 1 seatbelts are now back in their catalogue! These belts can be used with both modern and classic cars, and the set also includes photoetched parts, decals with logos of the main seatbelt manufacturers, seatbelt fabric in assorted colors, and white metal parts.
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SimilR: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Ford GT40 GT1 sponsored by Matech Competition #60, 61 - Romain Grosjean + Thomas Mutsch + Jonathan Hirschi, Natascha Gachnang + Cyndie Allemann + Rahel Frey - 24 Hours Le Mans 2010 - plastic model kit

Reference: SIMILR-141002

The Ford GT40 kit, a true classic revamped by SimilR, now all open and featuring photoetched parts and mind-blowing Cartograf-printed decals. What else can you ask from a scale model kit?
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Mr Hobby Gunze Sangyo: Mr Color Super Metallic Paint - Super stainless - 1 x 18ml

Reference: SM-04

Mr Hobby Super Metallic ranges are worldwide known by their incredible quality and by the microscopic pigments used on their formulation. Don't doubt, this paint is mind blowing. Each bottle contains 18ml. It can be applied with brush and even airbrush.
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Italeri: Tractor head model kit 1/24 scale - Berliet R352ch / Renault R360 - plastic model kit

Reference: 3902

A new reedition of the Italeri classic, now allowing you to build it either as Berliet R352ch or Renault R360. The kit also includes precut vinyl, chromed parts, rubber tyres, and extensive instructions for building this enormous kit.
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Renaissance Models: Tyre set 1/24 scale - Michelin TB15 rally 15 inches - for Scale Production reference SPRF24067, or Tamiya references TAM24328 and TAM24334

Reference: 24PNTB15

Set of 15 inches tyres used on the rally version of the Porsche 911SC and many others. Front tyres measure 25.5mm - 18mm x 12mm, and rear tyres measure 25.5mm - 18mm x 13.5mm (outer diameter - inner diameter x width).
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Renaissance Models: Rims 1/12 scale - Ducati 1199 Panigale S - resin - for Tamiya references TAM14129 and TAM14132

Reference: 12AM-009

Set of resin parts for replacing Tamiya Panigale rims, detailing even the embossed inscriptions on rim panels.
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Reji Model: Acrylic paint - Qatar red - 1 x 30ml

Reference: RMP-006

Pre-thinned acrylic paint, ready for airbrush use. Can be applied directly with a 0.3mm nozzle airbrush. Manufactured by Mr. Paint for Reji Model.
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Zero Paints: Paints set for airbrush - Olio Fiat - Yellow and blue - 2 x 30ml

Reference: ZP-1330

Paint set with both yellow and dark blue tones used on Olio Fiat sponsored race cars, mainly on their rally versions.
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Shunko Models: Carbon fiber decal 1/12 scale - Carbon fiber

Reference: SHK-D300

A special edition by Shunko for commemorating their anniversary. Just don't doubt: they ARE simply awesome!!. Sheet measures 134mm x 198mm.
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Italeri: Tractor head model kit 1/24 scale - Scania R730 V8 Streamline - plastic model kit

Reference: 3906

A new edition of the Scania R730 V8 Streamline Silver Griffin version by Italeri with new moulds, including Italy printed impressive decals, precut printed chromed vinyls, fully detailed engine, chasis and interior, and a pile of chromed parts. What are you waiting for!!
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Italeri: Model truck kit 1/24 scale - Man TGX XLX - plastic model kit

Reference: 3895

Excellent scale model kit of the powerful Max TGX XLX truck, offered by Italeri with an enormous decals sheet, precut printed vinyls, chromed parts, and one-piece injected chassis.
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Italeri: Tractor head model kit 1/24 scale - Mercedes Benz Actros Gigaspace MP4 - plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, other materials and assembly instructions

Reference: 3905

Simply spectacular is this Mercedes Benz Actros GigaSpace that Italeri brings us. Among the most remarkable points of this kit are its two decal sheets, one of them featuring hot printing techniques, that will make your jaw drop.
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