Newsletter 191: Going back to the future...

Going back to the future...

Going back to the future...
October 21st, 2015: today is the day Marty McFly land in the future. Exactly TODAY, the star of "Back to the Future 2" film gets to our present after traveling in time. Imagine if you could buy aaaaall 1985 scale models today, or if you could have traveled in time in 1985 and buy at SpotModel all 2015 kits!! :D

We have jumped in time with McFly in our own way, and lots of treasures from the past have arrived to our warehouse: Studio27 decals, most of them so discontinued that will make your eyes moist with the excitement of the reunion, for the BMW M3 at 1992 JTCC, Nissan R89C at JSPC, Porsche 962C at 1990 WSPC, Catalonia Rally 2000 winner Lancer Evo VI WRC, and the mighty Lotus 49. And into the Delorean trunk, right next to the Flux capacitor, Shunko Models left us as a gift even more reedited decals for several kits from the past: the Civic Mugen, both Tamiya and Hasegawa versions, and the Toyota Supra by Tamiya.

And that's not all... we even have products that travel in time by themselves! The photoetched parts set for the Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI, perfectly compatible with both the senior 1995 Tamiya kit and the 2015 reedition as well (jumping more than 20 years!), the carbon fiber decals for the Ferrari F92A and F2007, and the Mini Cooper that has evolved for 45 years since 1960 to the current 2015 modern version, brought to us by the hands of Hasegawa.

As Doc said: "The time-traveling is just too dangerous..." Let SpotModel bring you the products from the past, present... and future!! :D

Studio27: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Nissan R89C Cabin Racing Team #25, 85 - Kenneth 'Kenny' Acheson + Takao Wada, Osamu Nakako + Takao Wada - 6 Hours Fuji, 500 Kms Fuji, All Japan Sport Prototype Championship (JSPC) 1990 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM24093

Studio27 Reference: ST27-DC687C

As well as racing at Le Mans, the Nissan R89C took part in other exciting races in the Japanese Sports Prototype Championship. This set of decals includes two numbers for the events run on the Japanese circuits of Suzuka and Fuji in the 1990 season.
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Studio27: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Porsche 962C sponsored by FATurbo #20 - Tim Lee-Davey - FIA World Sports-Prototype Championship (WSPC) 1990 - for Tamiya references TAM24089, TAM24233 and TAM24313

Studio27 Reference: ST27-DC459C

A gorgeous decoration sponsored by FATurbo used at the Sport Prototypes World Championship in 1990, designed by Studio27 to be used with Tamiya scale model kit.
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Studio27: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI Gr.N sponsored by Coss #32 - Uwe Nittel + Detlef Ruf - Catalunya Costa Brava Rally - Rally of Spain 2000 - water slide decals and placement instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM24220

Studio27 Reference: ST27-DC342

The machine that, on top of winning the Gr.N class in the 36th edition of Catalonian Rally, it also was incredibly gorgeous. What else can you ask for, its decals? Studio27 have just manufactured them for you.
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Shunko Models: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Honda Civic Mugen sponsored by Primo #100 1992 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Hasegawa kit

Shunko Models Reference: SHK-D164

Top quality decals made in Japan. Released as limited edition, they will be available for a very short time.
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Studio27: Carbon fibre pattern decal set 1/20 scale - Ferrari F92A 1992 - for Fujimi references FJ090542, 09054 and GPSP-8

Studio27 Reference: ST27-CARBOND20027

Like a glove fit these decals on the F92A. All the carbon fiber patterns you need, inspired in the actual car, to give your scale model that touch of realism that will turn it into something spectacular.
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Studio27: Carbon fibre pattern decal set 1/20 scale - Ferrari F2007 - for Fujimi references FJ090481, 09048, GP-11, FJ091006, 09100 and GP-42

Studio27 Reference: ST27-CARBOND20026

Dress your F2007 scale model as it deserves with these carbon fiber pattern decals inspired in the actual car, specifically designed by Studio27 and printed by Cartograf to use with Fujimi kit.
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Hasegawa: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Mini Cooper S Countryman - plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Hasegawa Reference: 24121

If you like classic cars AND modern cars, what's better than the actual version of the senior Mini Cooper? A very interesting kit, and even for transforming it into the world rally championship version. Measures are 171mm long by 70mm wide, with a wheelbase of 108mm (aprox).
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