Newsletter 180: 13 years old!!

13 years old!!

13 years old!!
Everybody knows that number 13 is not welcome at the races, but it really feels "divine" celebrating thirteen years with you ;)

Only a few online scale modeling shops have reached this age, and fewer are the daredevil pilots who took the risk of racing with number 13 sticker on their cars. Among them, only one woman who bravely fought to get his spot in a male dominated world, Divina Galica, a British pilot racing for qualifying and finally compete at the Formula 1. This week we bring her appealing Surtees edited by This Way Up in 1/43 scale.

And another reason to celebrate: the huge amount of new products with the Porsche logo this week... definitely the Boss' sweet spot!! :-OOOO Studio27 brings us the Porsche 919 kit in 1/24 scale racing last year at Le Mans... that's a gorgeous decoration! Fujimi also brings to the party another Porsche racing and winning at Le Mans, but in 1971: the 917K. Along with a Joe Honda issue about the Porsche 956 and the Porsche Glacier White from Zero Paints, we complete the birthday party section focused on the German brand.

The guys at Tameo also wants to say Happy Birthday and gift us two astonishing new products in their catalog: pilot figurines for their 1/43 scale Formula 1s... A few of us will jump with joy!!

Coming to the party are also Studio27 with the carbon fiber decals for the Mercedes Benz AMG C by Tamiya, Tabu with the Ueno Clinic decoration for the F1 GTR Short Tail, Ebbro with their Lotus Ford Type 49, and Hobby Design with two photoetches references that will divinely fit your Peugeot 206 WRC 2003 and 1989 NSR500.

There are lots of reasons to celebrate our 13th birthday, but our clear favorite is blowing those thirteen candles with you ;)

Model Factory Hiro: Reference / walkaround book - JOE HONDA - Sportscar Spectacles - Sport Prototypes - Part 1 - 24 Hours Le Mans, Targa Florio 1967

Model Factory Hiro Reference: MFH-SS008

The 8th issue of the Sportscar Spectacles by HIRO focuses on 1967 races. On its pages you'll find pictures of the Ford GT40 Mk IV, Ferrari 330P4, Ferrari 412P, Lola T70 Mk III, Porsche 907, Chaparral 2F, Alpha Romeo T33, Alpine A210, Fiat 124, Lotus 47, and several other sport cars of those days.
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Model Factory Hiro: Reference / walkaround book - Joe Honda Sportscar Spectacles - Porsche 956 - 24 Hours Le Mans, 1000 Km Suzuka, 6 Hours Silverstone, 6 Hours Fuji 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1985

Model Factory Hiro Reference: MFH-SS007

This issue of Joe Honda's photographic reference books focuses on the Porsche 956 during the early 80s, featuring both factory and private owned cars. Featuring 108 pages and 400 photographs, with Japanese text partially translated in English.
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Hobby Design: Photo-etched parts 1/24 scale - Peugeot 206 WRC 2003 - photo-etched parts, metal parts - for Tamiya reference TAM24267

Hobby Design Reference: HD02-0312

Revamp your Peugeout 206 WRC scale kit with these Hobby Design photoetched parts. Brake discs, seatbelt fabric and buckles, radiators, grids.... It doesn't get any more comprehensive than this!!
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Hobby Design: Photo-etched parts 1/12 scale - Honda NSR500 - Michael 'Mick' Doohan, Wayne Gardner, Eddie Lawson, Pierfrancesco Chili - World Championship 1989 - photo-etched parts, metal parts, decals - for Hasegawa references 21504, BK-4 and 21714

Hobby Design Reference: HD02-0308

Perfection in a scale model is something really hard to achieve, but now you can easily get much closer thanks to this photoetched parts set by Hobby Design for the NSR500. Your chain will come to life with the volume providing photoetched and metal turned parts, your brake discs and brackets will shine with the premoulded photoetched parts, and all your bike will go one step further on the road to perfection. And if that's not enough, it also includes the tobacco decals missing in the original kit.
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Model Factory Hiro: Car scale model kit 1/43 scale - Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/3 Short Tail sponsored by Shell Bosch #28, 14, 41, 38 - Rolf Stommelen + Nanni Galli, Piers Courage + Andrea de Adamich, Toine Hezemans + Masten Gregory - 1000 Kms Monza, Targa Florio 1970 - multimaterial kit

Model Factory Hiro Reference: MFH-K475

Let's travel in time to the 70s: Italian races are the best of the best, and there race a beast called Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 Short Tail. Model Factory Hiro have now recreated it in this kit featuring white metal parts, photoetched parts, decals, vacuum formed parts, metal turned parts, rubber tyres, and full-color 3D instructions. Awesome!!!.
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Model Factory Hiro: Reference / walkaround book - Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Series: Grand Prix, part 1 1970

Model Factory Hiro Reference: MFH-JH42

In this first part, the author shows us pictures from five different teams (Ferrari, Brabham, Matra, Surtees and Tyrrell), covering the following Grand Prix: Champions Race, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, England, Canada, North America and Mexico.
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Tameo Kits: Figure 1/43 scale - F1 sitting driver - metal parts - 2 units

Tameo Kits Reference: PG33

Set of two Formula 1 pilots in white metal that will help you to bring more realism to your dioramas in 1/43 scale. Warning! It does NOT include any decals.
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Tameo Kits: Figure 1/43 scale - Standing F1 driver - metal - 2 units

Tameo Kits Reference: PG32

Set of two standing Formula 1 pilots, in white metal. Decals NOT included
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Hasegawa: Motorbike scale model kit 1/12 scale - Honda NSR250 Gresini Racing Team sponsored by Fortuna "Spain's number 1" #4, 7 - Roberto Rolfo, Emilio Alzamora - Motorcycle World Championship 2002 - plastic model kit

Hasegawa Reference: 21706

Don't miss the Cartograf printed decals of this kit, featuring hyper saturated hues, metallic colors and even hot printed shapes, in addition to its fully detailed engine, bike stand to exhibit the results, and comprehensive assembly instructions.
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Fujimi: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 917K Martini Racing Team #22 - Helmut Marko + Gijs van Lennep - 24 Hours Le Mans 1971 - paint masks, plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Fujimi Reference: FJ126142

The 1970 LeMans winner, now reedited by Fujimi in one of their classic and most renowned kits without any doubts. Reminder: the kit does NOT include a detailed engine.
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Ebbro: Car scale model kit 1/20 scale - Lotus Ford Type 49 Lotus Team sponsored by Shell #3, 4, 5, 6, 20, 21 - Jim Clark, Graham Hill - Dutch Formula 1 Grand Prix, British Formula 1 Grand Prix, Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix, Mexican Formula 1 Grand Prix, South African Formula 1 Grand Prix, USA - United States of America Formula 1 Grand Prix 1967 and 1968 - plastic model kit

Ebbro Reference: EBR20004

A mind-blowing kit of Jim Clark and Graham Hill's Lotus 49. What did we like most of this kit? Its rubber printed tyres, detailed parts break-up, Cartograf printed decals, chromed parts, yellow tinted transparent plastic parts, ... A really interesting kit.
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Tameo Kits: Tyre set 1/43 scale - P Zero Orange - rubber parts - 4 units

Tameo Kits Reference: PWT26

Set of four P Zero Orange tires, known as hard type tires, which were used in Formula 1 in the 2011 to 2016 seasons to achieve maximum durability on the track, and which have now been reproduced by Tameo in 1/43 scale. All four tires come pre-painted from the factory with P Zero logos made in orange pad printing on both sides of the tyre.
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Tabu Design: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail sponsored by Ueno Clinic #59 - Yannick Dalmas + Masanori Sekiya + Jyrki Juhani 'JJ Lehto' Jarvilehto - 24 Hours Le Mans 1995 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Fujimi references FJ125992, FJ126012 and FJ126029

Tabu Design Reference: TABU24046

Take any of the McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail edited by Fujimi and use these decals by Tabu on them to recreate the decoration of number 59 car racing at the LeMans 24 hours of 1995: an absolutely gorgeous machine.
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Studio27: Carbon fibre pattern decal set 1/24 scale - Mercedes Benz AMG C Class - DTM - for Tamiya reference TAM24143

Studio27 Reference: ST27-CARBOND24015

Two decals sheets featuring all carbon fibre and kevlar patterns needed to bring realism to the cockpit, engine bay, spoiler and several other parts of the Mercedes Benz AMG C Class by Tamiya.
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Studio27: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 919 Hybrid #20 - 24 Hours Le Mans 2014 - multimaterial kit

Studio27 Reference: ST27-FD24009

The actual car is a real beauty, and Studio27 scale model kit is even more beautiful. Bodywork is made in top quality resin with an awesome panelling, the decoration is reproduced in an exhaustive decals set, and the vast number of photoetched and metal parts will make you enjoy building a car that has already become a legend in the present days.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Porsche Glacier White - Code: 3AT-3AU - 1 x 60ml - for Airbrush

Zero Paints Reference: ZP-1031-3AT-3AU

Acrylic solvent-based paints (containing Toluene), already prethinned for airbrush usage with nozzles sizes from 0.3mm upwards, and specifically formulated for modelers that need the best possible match to the colors of every actual road and track vehicles. It's formulated as double-coating paint, so it needs to be coated or lacquered after its application, and you could find different finishes along Zero Paints ranges linked to the suffix in the name: "metallic", "mica", "pearl" or "candy" for pearlescent colors, or "solid"/unspecified for solids. Please refer to Zero Paints FAQ for detailed usage instructions.
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