Newsletter 168: ♥ We LOVE you! ♥ And you... how much do YOU love yourself?

♥ We LOVE you! ♥ And you... how much do YOU love yourself?

♥ We LOVE you! ♥ And you... how much do YOU love yourself?
Here comes Valentine's Day, love arrows are flying all around... a day to make people gifts to show them our love. And all love experts agree: in order to healthy love anyone else, you must first learn to love yourself, right? :))))

So show yourself how much YOU love you: a little bit, very much or a lot, and we'll love you back in return ;) If you make any order on our website on Saturday February 14th with lots of love, you can use any of the following promocodes:

Orders from 50 to 99.99: 5% discount (Promocode: ILOVEME)
Orders from 100 to 199.99: 10% discount (Promocode: ILOVEMEVERYMUCH)
Orders from 200: 15% discount (Promocode: ILOVEMEALOT)

Now, it's up to you... How much do you love YOURSELF? :D

Tamiya: Masks - Masking sticker sheet - 5 units

Tamiya Reference: TAM87130

These masking sticker sheets, nothing less than 5 units on each package, will let you mask big surfaces of your kits. Once remove, they doesn't leave any kind of leftover residues, and measure 240mm x 180mm each. Aren't they ideal for a thousand different applications?
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Fujimi: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail sponsored by Marlboro #6 - Owen Jones + Pierre-Henri Raphanel + David Brabham - BPR Global GT Series Zhuhai 1996 - plastic model kit

Fujimi Reference: FJ126012

A new version of the hugely popular McLaren F1 GTR Short Tail that raced at the Chinese circuit of Zhuhai with the Marlboro logos. During the assembly, you can decide whether to build it with open or closed doors. WARNING!! Marlboro decals are NOT included in this kit.
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Aizu Project: Masks - Micron masking tape 2,5mm x 5m

Aizu Project Reference: AIZU-2001-5

Surely you've ever needed to mask a small area in the front fork of a bike, a hairline in the bonet of a car, or cover an impossible curve and you just didn't have the perfect masking tape. Say goodbye to that kind of problems and use this wonder: a masking tape just 2.5mm width, and nothing less than 5 meters long. Just wonderful!!
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Hobby Design: Kevlar fiber decal 1/12 scale - Kevlar fiber with medium size pattern

Hobby Design Reference: HD04-0105

This decal simulates a kevlar pattern over yellow background, with a medium sized design. It's perfect for 1/12 scales, and for some details in 1/20.
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Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Pure Brilliant White - Similar to TS-26 - 1 x 60ml - for Airbrush

Zero Paints Reference: ZP-1026

Zero Paints pure brilliant white has been specificaly developed for scale modelers that need the best possible approximation to actual car and vehicle colors. This pure white tone matches the one used by a huge ammount of rally cars (Renault R5 Turbo, Toyota Celica, Porsche 911, Ford Sierra, ...), by Formula 1 (McLaren, Brawn, ...) and by GT's (Porsche 917, BMW M1, Mc Laren GT1, ...). It is a 60 ml bottle.
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Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - McLaren Ford MP4/8 - for Model Factory Hiro references MFH-K659, K-659, MFH-K660, K-660, MFH-K661, K-661, MFH-K779, K-779, MFH-K780, K-780, MFH-K781 and K-781, or Tameo Kits references TMK166 and TMK334, or Tamiya reference TAM25172

Komakai Reference: KOM-UDG006

If you want to properly build the MP4/8 and know how looked its parts, its carbon fibres, its colors, etc... here's the ultimate photographic guidefrom the "Ultra Detail Guides" by Komakai. Nothing less than 92 DIN-A5 size pages with full colour photographs covering every tiny detail of the actual car. You won't find any better documentation for your kit!!
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Pacer: Glue - Plasti-Zap Medium CA - 1 x 21gr

Pacer Reference: PT19

This amazing medium viscosity cyanoacrylate glue has been specifically developed for plastic, metal, photoetches and resin use. Completely transparent drying, it doesn't veil transparent pieces (cockpit, lights, etc...), and it doesn't damage the paint. You'll have to see it to believe it!!!
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Reji Model: Marking / livery 1/12 scale - Yamaha YZR-M1 Yamaha Tech3 Team sponsored by Dunlop #7 - Carlos Checa - Motorcycle World Championship 2006 - for Tamiya references TAM14104 and TAM14105

Reji Model Reference: REJI-126

Here are the decals to reproduce Carlos Checa's yellow and black Yamaha for the 2006 world championship. If you want to build it right, use also the Reji transkit for the Tamiya kit with the modified rear cowling, exhaust, fairing and other parts that changed the looks of the bike for that year.
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Tamiya: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Toyota Celica GT-S - plastic model kit

Tamiya Reference: TAM24215

This gorgeous kit in 1/24 scale reproduces the seventh edition of the Toyota Celica. It includes two dashboards for left or right side steering wheel mounting, as well as chromed parts, glass painting masks and all the magic from Tamiya kits.
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Tamiya: Motorbike scale model kit 1/12 scale - Ducati 1199 Panigale S - plastic model kit

Tamiya Reference: TAM14129

A top-class kit for a top-class bike. We were all waiting for a kit of this gorgeous Ducati for a long time, and Tamiya has finally heard our prayers. A very interesting part listing and first-class fittings will make you enjoy this wonder that can't be out of your shelf for any longer.
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Model Factory Hiro: Car scale model kit 1/12 scale - Ferrari 250 GTO #24, 27 - Jean 'Beurlys' Blaton + Lucien Bianchi, Fernand Tavano + Bob Grossman - 24 Hours Le Mans 1964 - multimaterial kit

Model Factory Hiro Reference: MFH-K447

Model Factory Hiro signs this mind-blowing 1/12 scale kit: the rims are fully broken up, with all pieces chromed one-by-one; the engine, in white metal, includes even fully articulated pistons and rods; tyres are rubber moulded, and the bodyworks comes in gloriously moulded white resin. An astounding kit that will certainly become legendary.
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