Newsletter 161: Turn off your mind...

Turn off your mind...

Turn off your mind...
Feel the sound of the boxer engine, that unique side vibes that sways your body, the metallic hum of the chromed exhausts, the flow of the air cooling the pistons... It's a classic, and everybody loves it, don't you?

The T1, the legendary Volkswagen van, have just hopped into SpotModel in it's most distinguished and luxurious version by the hand of Revell, a true classic from the sixties. And along with, Revell added some other references: the reedition of the classic Bentley from Le Mans 1930 (it's all about classics this week), and the Porsche 904 GTS Carrera.

On the other side, we also have here the new wonder from Komakai: the ultra detail guide of the MP4/8, an absolutely must have for every McLaren lover and for all that have the intention of building the recently reedited Tamiya kit as it deserves.

From the excellent Model Factory Hiro, several 1/43 scaled jewels around the Porsche 962C, with a special loving mention to the Repsol version that raced at Le Mans.

And for the perfectionists... do you like Tameo carbon fibre decals? Then you're lucky since now they've edited sheets with two different patterns, the classic diagonal pattern, and the modern square pattern.

Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void and... indulge in your desires! ;)

Revell: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 904 Carrera GTS #27, 86 - 24 Hours Le Mans, Targa Florio 1964 - plastic kit

Reference: REV07357

The Posche 904, a Revell classic that you'll enjoy building for countless hours thanks to its fully detailed engine, openable bonet and trunk, and Italy printed decals letting you choose between the Le Mans or the Targa Florio numbers.
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Revell: Model van kit 1/24 scale - Volkswagen Transporter T1 1962

Reference: REV07399

Inside the Volkswagen T1 Samba / Sunroof Deluxe bus box you'll find 173 pieces that will make you enjoy its building. Revell recommends this kit only for advanced modelers.
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Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - McLaren Ford MP4/8

Reference: KOM-UDG006

If you want to properly build the MP4/8 and know how looked its parts, its carbon fibres, its colors, etc... here's the ultimate photographic guidefrom the "Ultra Detail Guides" by Komakai. Nothing less than 92 DIN-A5 size pages with full colour photographs covering every tiny detail of the actual car. You won't find any better documentation for your kit!!
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SpotModel: Model car kit 1/18 scale - Tamiya - Porsche 910

Reference: DISCONTINUED-053

A discontinued reference, highly coveted by collectors, and pretty hard to find in the market. Brand new and in mint condition.
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Revell: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Bentley 4.5L Blower #8 - 24 Hours Le Mans 1930

Reference: REV07007

A new reedition of this 123 parts classic kit that have given countless wonderful hours to hundreds of scale modelers, and so will to you. One the the classic cars that you MUST HAVE on the shelf without any doubts.
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Mf-zone: Decals 1/24 scale - Ford Fiesta WRC sponsored by Lotos #1 - Robert Kubica + Mazur - Casentino Rally 2014 - for Belkits reference BEL-003

Reference: MFZ-DC2419

Do you want a winning decoration? Here you are, the decals for Kubica at Casentino Rally, fitting like a glove on Belkits Ford Fiesta kit.
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/43 scale - BRM P115 #34 - Sir John Young 'Jackie' Stewart - Italian Formula 1 Grand Prix 1967 - Multimaterial kit

Reference: MFH-K417

Fine white metal parts, a good pile of cleverly designed photoetches, infinitely detailed decals, rubber tires and luxury instructions make this kit an essential piece for your collection, and a dream come true for Jackie Stewart fans.
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/20 scale - Matra MS120 Matra Team sponsored by ELF #25 - Jean-Pierre Beltoise - Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix 1970 - Multimaterial kit

Reference: MFH-K410

The 3rd place single seater at the 1970 Belgian Grand Prix, driven by Beltoise, and now reproduced in 1/20 scale by Model Factory Hiro. Inside the box you will find turned metal parts, white metal parts, photo-etched parts, and all the magic of the fabulous multimedia kits from this Japanese manufacturer. New reedition of this fantastic MFH kit, in very limited quantities. If you want to have it, do not hesitate a second to order yours <now!!!!
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/43 scale - Porsche 962C sponsored by Repsol #17 - Oscar Larrauri + Walter Brun + Jess Pareja - 24 Hours Le Mans 1989 - multimaterial kit

Reference: MFH-K382

Yes, Pareja had an engine break in his 962C, but that doesn't mean that it wasn't GORGEOUS! And now you can build it in full detail thanks to the Model Factory Hiro kit here. A fully detailed engine, cockpit, open doors, bonet... everything just designed for you to indulge.
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/43 scale - Porsche 962C sponsored by Shell #17, 18, 19 - Klaus Ludwig + Hans-Joachim Stuck + Derek Bell - 24 Hours Le Mans 1988 - multimaterial kit

Reference: MFH-K381

Here's one of the most desired kits by us all for several years, the fully detailed Porsche 962C in 1/43 scale. Cockpit, engine, open door, bonet... it's impossible to get more detaiing than that in 1/43, isn't it?
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Tameo Kits: Carbon fiber decal 1/43 scale - Black Carbon fiber 70x110 mm

Reference: DG13

Do you like Tameo carbon fibre decals? If you don't know yet, we'll tell you that they're extremely detailed, with excellent patterns, easy to use, and their quality is awesome. This decal features a diagonal carbon fibre pattern over dark background, similar to most of the patterns used by many modern Fomula One.
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Tameo Kits: Carbon fiber decal 1/43 scale - Black checkered carbon fiber 70x110mm

Reference: DG12

If you love Tameo decals, you can't miss this one, featuring a grey and black square pattern very similar to the carbon fibres used in modern Formula One like the F60 and RB5. As usual, the decal decal is printed in Italy by Cartograf, which is a quality statement just by itself.
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Ford P68 #7, 8 - Pedro Rodriguez + Chris Irwin, Frank Gardner + Richard Attwood - 1000 Kms Nrburgring 1968

Reference: MFH-K220

Incredibly gorgeous resins, a pile of photoetches and white metal parts, decals for several number decorations, metal turned parts and an endless count of perfect pieces developed by Model Factory Hiro for you to enjoy in this wonderful kit.
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