Newsletter 149: In their flying machines...

In their flying machines...

In their flying machines...
...rode those magnificent men. Yes, those crazy car racing heroes took 4500 cubic centimetres supercharged to reach 240 horsepower, added just some drum brakes to try to stop them and leaf springs to put them on the ground, and fought their epic battles at the 24 hours of Le Mans. And on top of that, they finished the races. And some of them even won. And their cars were GORGEOUS :D

The Heller kit of the Bentley 4.5L Blower comes to SpotModel, a kit older than dirt, but once you open it big surprises arise: yes, it's old (almost as old as the actual car) and resembles the old school kits, but this one looks really great. REAAAAAAALLY really great. Just have a look at the photographs :D

Some other magnificent men have done great things with fresher machines just like the Alfa Romeo Tipo 33 and his 315hp, now finely reproduced by Model Factory Hiro, the 590 horse powered Lotus Type 77 that you can now build in 1/12 scale with the help of the same factory transkit, the 820 horse powered Williams FW16 now in 1/20 scale from Fujimi, and more, and more...

And the worst thing? That now, the boss says that he wants one of the Bentleys from Heller to make a quickie. Well, erm... magnificent, isn't it? :D

Racing Decals 43: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - BMW Z4 GT3 sponsored by Randstad #66, 77 - Markus Palttala + Dirk Werner + Lucas Luhr, Maxime Martin + Jrg Mller + Augusto Farfus - 24 Hours SPA Francorchamps 2014 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Fujimi kits FJ17009, FJ17010, FJ17015, FJ12593, FJ125930

Racing Decals 43 Reference: RDE24-009

Are you looking for a killer decoration for your Z4? Here it is. A first decals sheet filled up with carbon fibre patterns, and a second one with the full decoration for the Z4 at the Le Mans 24 hours. On top of that, these decals belong to a limited edition... are you going to miss them?
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Racing Decals 43: Decals 1/24 scale - Ford Fiesta WRC sponsored by Lotos #10 - Robert Kubica + Maciej Szczepaniak - Rally Poland 2014 - for Belkits reference BEL-003

Racing Decals 43 Reference: RD24-019

Don't miss these gorgeous decals for the Ford Fiesta WRC driven by the former F1 pilot Robert Kubica at Poland Rally.
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Racing Decals 43: Decals 1/24 scale - Skoda Fabia S2000 sponsored by eBO Enterprises #3 - Freddy Loix + Johan Gitsels - Ypres Rally 2014 - for Belkits reference BEL-004

Racing Decals 43 Reference: RD24-018

Don't miss these gorgeous decals for the Fabia driven by Freddy Loix that earned the absolute victory at the Geko Ypres rally.
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Fujimi: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - McLaren F1 - paint masks, plastic parts, rubber parts, water slide decals, assembly instructions and painting instructions

Fujimi Reference: FJ125732

What modeler who loves supercars could resist having the McLaren F1 in his showcase? The F1 revolutionized the supercar segment in 1992, and it is said that everything was born as a joke... but what a joke! Fujimi has reproduced this model with great quality of detail, allowing the upper part of its impressive V12 engine developed by BMW to be partially mounted, and with its door system that will allow you to choose between leaving them closed or open, in case you prefer to expose its curious cabin with three seats. Quite a show!
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Studio27: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Toyota Celica sponsored by Marlboro Repsol #2, 6, 10 - Carlos Sainz + Luis Moya, Armin Schwarz + Arne Hertz, Markku Aln + Ilkka Kivimki - Monte Carlo Rally - Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo 1992 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Tamiya reference TAM24125

Studio27 Reference: ST27-DC1044

The first appearance of Carlos Sainz with the new Celica bodyworks was at the Montecarlo rally 1992, and you can now recreate such decoration on your Tamiya kit with this Studio27 decals, also featuring number pads for Makku Alen and Armin Schwarz, and tobacco logos in an independent sheet.
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SpotModel: Car scale model kit 1/20 scale - Airfix - Corvette

SpotModel Reference: DISCONTINUED-046

New, mint condition, unopened, box damaged.
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