Newsletter 145: «The heart of il cavallino beats right next to mine...»

&laquo;The heart of <I>il cavallino</I> beats right next to mine...&raquo;

«The heart of il cavallino beats right next to mine...»
...said Alberto Ascari after the 80 laps and 50 minutes that took him winning the Italian Grand Prix in 1952. That year, except Indianapolis, he won each and absolutely every race he run at the wheel of the gorgeous Ferrari 500. Tameo made us incredibly happy reproducing the Ferrari of the italian victory in full detail: an amazing piece based on an equally amazing pilot :D

Among all the recently arrived products from Renaissance Models, the ones that really stand out are the resin kits of the Ford Sierra Cosworth at the Tour de Corse and the Ferrari 250 TRI, both in 1/24 scale, along with some decals and rims. Yes, there are only a few units, but you can stay calm if you miss them since many more will arrive around the beginning of August.

And from the discount-inued products department, some very interesting pieces like the Toyota 2000 GT in 1/20 scale from the now defunct Nagano Plastic Model.

Do you also feel the heartbeat of il cavallino rampante? :D

Renaissance Models: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Ferrari 250 TRI 60/61 0780 - IRTA Test 1960 and 1961 - Multimaterial kit

Renaissance Models Reference: 24-32

Have you ever built a half-painted and half-finished car? That's exactly how this Ferrari looks, half-painted and half-finished, but that's completely ok since it's the test version with unfinished bodyworks and decorations. Besides that, that's an excelent multimaterial kit from Renaissance, featuring a fully detailed engine, Borrani premounted rims, and lots of photoetches, resins and white metal parts.
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Renaissance Models: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 Group A sponsored by Mobil Carglass #2, 6 - Francois Delecour + Daniel Grataloup, Massimo 'Miki' Biasion + Tiziano Siviero - Tour de Corse 1992 - Multimaterial kit

Renaissance Models Reference: CTR2423

By a hair didn't Delecour win the Tour de Corse 1992 with this gorgeous car that you can finally build with this Renaissance kit, made in resin and featuring a good pile of photoetches. The kit also offers you the posibility of using two different numbers, and the interior comes fully detailed, needing just some paint and your expert modeling hands to bring it to life.
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Renaissance Models: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail BMW Motorsport Team sponsored by Fina #42, 43 - Jyrki Juhani 'JJ Lehto' Jarvilehto + Nelson Piquet + Steve Soper, Eric Hlary + Peter Kox + Roberto Ravaglia - 24 Hours Le Mans 1997 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Aoshima references 007495, AOSH-00749, 007525, AOSH-007471, 014189, AOS01418, AOSH-007457 and AOSH-007518, or Fujimi references FJ12580, FJ12581, FJ12582, FJ12594 and 125947

Renaissance Models Reference: TK24-384

Decal sheet to complete the livery used by the BMW Motorsport team on the McLaren F1 GTR that took third place in the 1997 Le Mans 24 Hours with the car numbered #43. As we like the checkered bands with the M colors along the top of the car, so characteristic of the official team cars of the 90s. The decal sheet includes a replacement band with blue and red patterns.
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Renaissance Models: Rims and tyres set 1/24 scale - BBS rims - Nida and venturis - photo-etched parts, resin parts and rubber parts - 4 units

Renaissance Models Reference: 24NIDAV

Set of tires and BBS "bird's nest" rims with venturi cooling, as used in the Porsche 935 and similar cars in that period. Dimensions of the front tires are 22.5mm diameter by 10.5mm wide, and rear tires are 25mm diameter by 14mm wide.
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Racing Decals 43: Marking / livery 1/24 scale - Lamborghini Murcielago LP670 R-SV sponsored by JLOC #69 - Atsushi Yogo + Koji Yamanishi + Hiroyuki Iiri - 24 Hours Le Mans 2010 - water slide decals - for Aoshima references 007082, AOSH-007082 and 00708

Racing Decals 43 Reference: RDE24-008

Do not miss this amazing decal for the JLOC (Japanese Lamborghini Owners Club) Lamborghini LP670 R-SV that raced in the recent Le Mans 24 hours in 2010, the car a many people believe is not the one that did just two laps and then retired this car retired after 138 Laps.
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Racing Decals 43: Decals 1/24 scale - Skoda Fabia S2000 sponsored by New Zealand #31 - Hayden Paddon + John Kennard - Vodafone Portugal Rally 2012 - for Belkits reference BEL-004

Racing Decals 43 Reference: RD24-017

Do not miss this amazing decals for Hayden Paddon first S-WRC win in his second rally in the 2012 Rally de Portugal.
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SpotModel: Motorbike scale model kit 1/12 scale - Tamiya - BMW R80GS

SpotModel Reference: DISCONTINUED-038

New, mint condition, unopened bags.
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SpotModel: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - Revell - Smart

SpotModel Reference: DISCONTINUED-032

Opened box, mint condition.
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