Newsletter 138: Flyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!

Flyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!

Flyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!
Scuderia Italia.Lab is more than a small resin kits brand: is the one of the best in the European market when it comes to resin rally car kits. Who doesn't remember that R5 or the Clio Maxi? Those are two discontinued although avidly searched pieces, and people pay little fortunes for getting one of them.

This brand don't have many references, just a few, but the kits they release are REALLY interesting, very detailed and have awesome part listings. During these days, their Group B Toyota Celica TA64 kit have arrived in four different versions, and once again they've left us completely astonished... That's a helluva kit!!! :D

And they get discontinued IN A MATTER OF WEEKS.
And we already have VERY FEW OF THEM.

So don't tell us that we didn't warn you :D