Newsletter 132: FUJIMI sashimi!

FUJIMI sashimi!

FUJIMI sashimi!
Here's a guess: they have a delicious taste, they come from Japan, they're small and precise, their manufactoring is extremely delicate and patient, they come in eight-pack or more, and they taste much better when dipped :)

Of course, you guessed it: they're the newly arrived FUJIMI kits!!

There are flavours for every taste, from classic F1 to modern F1, sport cars, Le Mans prototypes, ... or even order your own assorted tray, including some of the Scale Production details to wrap it. Add your favourite paint and a bit of wasabi putty, and you're done! ;)

Sadly, we won't be able to deliver it in a wodden box with chopsticks as we should... or maybe we will?

...or maybe we drink too much solvent sake at the office? ;)

Sayonara! :D

Zero Paints: Paint for airbrush - Extra fine metallic silver base - 1 x 60ml - for Zero Paints references ZP-4001, ZP-4002, ZP-4003, ZP-4004, ZP-4005, ZP-4006, ZP-4007, ZP-4008 and ZP-4009

Zero Paints Reference: ZP-4010

Metallic base featuring an extra fine pigment by Zero Paints,, specifically formulated to be used with pearlescent tones (candy). The fine pigment gives depth to the pearlescent colors applied over this base, making light reflect through them. Served prethinned and ready for airbrush use (with 0.3mm nozzle or higher), in 60 ml bottles.
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Scale Production: Rims 1/24 scale - BBS 18 inches for BMW M3 - DTM 2012 and 2013 - resin parts - for Revell references REV07082, 80-7082, REV07178 and 80-7178 - 4 units

Scale Production Reference: SPF24002

Set of 4 BBS rims designed to replace those included in the Revell model of the BMW M3 from the DTM. The highest quality of its details, with a design more in line with reality and finer spokes, and the nuts supplied separately to facilitate painting that even have the tightening grooves, make them highly recommended when building the scale model.
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Scale Production: Tyre set 1/24 scale - 15 to 19 inches stretch wall - 4 units

Scale Production Reference: SPR24011

The set includes 2 front and 2 rear tyres, and the rubber can stretch to fit rims from 15 to 19 inches. Awesome!!
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Fujimi: Car scale model kit 1/20 scale - Lotus Renault 97T Lotus Team sponsored by John Player Special #11, 12 - Ayrton Senna da Silva, Elio de Angelis - Portuguese Formula 1 Grand Prix 1985

Fujimi Reference: FJ09064

If the actual car is gorgeous, the scale model is even more! Pay special attention to the rain tyres included in this kit: they are simply awesome! And don't forget to also throw in the tobacco decals, since they're not included in the original.
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Fujimi: Car scale model kit 1/24 scale - McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail sponsored by Loctite #41 - 24 Hours Le Mans

Fujimi Reference: FJ12580

This is the Fujimi's kit of the McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail, one of the most beauty modern GT cars. This kit includes Loctite decals printed by Cartograf, opened doors, and parts molded in black, white and clear nice plastic.
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