Newsletter 128: Where is the mop? :D

Where is the mop? :D

Where is the mop? :D
Drools all over the floor, the table, the chair... everywhere but over Komakai's gorgeous new book :) The photographs, the details, the smooth touch, the perfect sizing... we love it!! If you have a Lotus 79 from Tamiya or Hasegawa on the shelf waiting for its moment DON'T MISS this wonder :)

And drooling goes on: one of the most beautiful cars ever in the F1 history is the Ferrari 312 and Model Factory Hiro just announced the release on 1/43 scale, so start putting some coins in your piggybank because you know you're getting one, aren't you? ;)

And on and on... This week load of new items comes from Hobby Design, with several very interesting photoetches, but hands down the best are their rims, deliciously thin, including air valves, detached rings, ... Everything's ready to throw the primer on top and start painting. Again, drooling is 100% guaranteed...

So grab a bucket and start clicking !! :D

Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - Lotus Ford Type 79 - for Hasegawa references 23203, 52298, SP498, HAS-FG3 and 23203, or Model Factory Hiro references MFH-K311, K-311, MFH-K312, K-312, MFH-K351, K-351, MFH-K352, K-352, MFH-K389 and K-389, or Tameo Kits references CPK002, TMK175, TMK176 and WCT078, or Tamiya references TAM20060 and TAM20061

Komakai Reference: KOM-UDG003

This issue of the Ultra Detail Guides about the Lotus Type 79 is a A5 sized book, featuring 98 pages with full color pictures taken to the actual car, and digitally enhanced to bring every detail. Pictures are classified into different sections: front, wheels, exterior, engine, rear and cockpit.
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