Newsletter 122: Komakai (adj.): 'Fine, small, detailed'

Komakai (adj.): 'Fine, small, detailed'

Komakai (adj.): 'Fine, small, detailed'
Welcome back to SpotModel Newsletter! This week shinning star comes from a new brand called Komakai, a curious name (and quite a declaration of intentions :) for a brand founded BY and FOR modelling enthusiasts, releasing two incredible photo books that shows us every tiny intimate detail on the outside and inside parts of the MP4/13 and '84 NSR500. They're pure gold!

With a little delay, we've finally got the Renaissance decals for Sebastian Loeb's DS3, and at the same time you can pre-order now the announced new decals for the Ford GT40 and Porsche 911 Turbo LeMans.

From the other part of the world, Joe Honda is releasing three new books plus the 1/43 version of the glorious Ms11.

Back in Europe and straight from the Czech Republic, Reji Models offers an assortment of vintage Lucky Strike decorations for Mr. Kenny Robert's legendary Yamaha YZR, Monsier Delcourt's BMW 635 and the beautiful decoration of the R5 Turbo at '84 El Corte Ingles rally.

Do not miss any 'details'! :D

Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - Honda NSR500 1984

Reference: KOM-UDG002

Komakai 'Ultra Detail Guides' issue about NSR500 1984 bike is an A5 size book, including 94 pages and 80 full colour pictures taken to the actual bike. It contains plenty of fully detailed pictures grouped by sections for quick reference, such as Front, Tyres, Body, Engine, On Board and Back.
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Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - McLaren Mercedes MP4/13

Reference: KOM-UDG001

This issue of the Ultra Detail Guides about the MP4/13 is a A5 sized book, featuring 82 pages with full color pictures taken to the actual car, and digitally enhanced to bring every detail. Pictures are classified into different sections: front, wheels, exterior, engine, rear and cockpit.
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