Newsletter 10: We're 10.000!! :D

We're 10.000!! :D

We're 10.000!! :D
We're hugely pleased and immensely happy once again :D And that's because of all of you that daily read our messages, gossips, photographs and the latest news from our beloved scale modeling world in our SpotModel Facebook page.

Reaching 10.000 fans would have been impossible without you, without your "likes", without your comments, without all of you that share our stories, and... we want you to enjoy it too!! :D

So, if for some unknown reason ;) you don't follow us already, don't worry, you can still catch up :D . Just click on this link, read us, have a nice time, "like" us and... join the party with the 10% discount code you'll find there! :D

...just because we're enormously happy to reach that small number for some but huge number for us: 10000 friends like you :D

Let's go for twenty thousand! :D