Top Studio has specialized in conversion sets and accessories to improve and detail our Formula 1 models or 1/12 scale motorcycles beyond any limits. Pieces made of resin and turned metal with a quality finish that will make you drool. And for any other detail that you want to improve, surely their infinite references of screws, connectors, wiring, and endless details will make your life much easier. Sensational!

You can find different kind of products among their more than 290 references currently in our catalogue, such as air funnel (5), air valve (3), antenna (5), brakes (5), chain set (13), clamps (2), clutch (10), cockpit set (2), detail (63), detail up set (42), drive shafts (5), exhaust (6), fasteners (1), footpeg (4), front fork set (9), hose joints (21), nuts (40), oxygen sensor (1), pipe (22), piping cord (5), racing stand (2), rims (2), rivets (21), seat (1), shift linkage (1) and transkit (4)