USCP is a Ukrainian manufacturer of scale car model kits, founded by friends who were addicted to the construction of scale model cars. The company specializes in producing racing and sports car models, with a wide variety of models available in different scales. USCP is known for its attention to detail and the quality of its kits, which include resin parts and photo-etched pieces, ensuring a high-quality modeling experience for enthusiasts. Additionally, the company also produces a line of accessories and tools to help modelers achieve a high-quality finish on their models. With its commitment to quality and attention to detail, USCP has gained a loyal fan base in the scale car modeling community.

You can find different kind of products among their more than 90 references currently in our catalogue, such as bonnet pins (1), car scale model kit (3), dashboard (4), decals (2), detail (10), detail up set (6), engine (12), exhaust (1), lights (2), marking / livery (3), rims (9), rims and tyres set (7), seat (2), seatbelts (5), steering wheel (2), transkit (23) and tyre set (2)