Pocher is an Italian brand of high-quality scale model manufacturers that has been in the market since 1974. They are known for producing detailed and complex model kits of vehicles, mainly cars and motorcycles, in a scale of 1:8 and 1:4. Pocher models are characterized by their attention to detail, accuracy, and complexity. Each model is made of high-quality materials and features die-cast metal parts, photo-etched metal parts, and injected plastic parts, and they often come prepainted and ready for a direct final assembly. In addition to their car and motorcycle models, Pocher has also produced models of airplanes and ships over the years. The brand is highly valued by model enthusiasts and collectors for their high quality and authenticity in reproducing vehicle details. Throughout its history, Pocher has worked in collaboration with automobile brands such as Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, and Lamborghini, allowing the produced models to be even more authentic and precise in their design.

You can find different kind of products among their 11 references currently in our catalogue, such as car scale model kit (5), display case (2), engine (1) and motorbike scale model kit (3)