The indicated price on the item description and shopping cart includes all applying taxes, but does not include shipping fees since they depend on your shipping preferences (courier, postal service, cash on delivery, ...).

The indicated amount in the final order confirmation page is the total price, including the price of the items and shipping costs.

Product prices in foreign currencies (US Dollars, GB Pounds, Japan Yen) are calculated with the realtime exchange rates provided by European Central Bank services in the exact moment you view a product. Your order will always be charged in euros, so depending on your bank calculations, your credit card company and the final closing value of your exchange rate, your order total might slightly vary in your final charge.

Payment methods

Your orders can be paid using any of the following payment methods:

  1. Paypal: Worldwide available.
  2. Wire transfer: You will receive an email with our bank details as soon as your order is ready to be shipped. From this moment you will have up to 4 weeks to complete your payment, otherwise your order will be automatically canceled. We will send your parcel as soon as your payment is received. Your bank may charge you a comission for issuing the transfer (specially for bank transfers issued from outside the EU), please use the "OUR" payment instruction option (charges paid by the issuer, if applicable); otherwise, this amount will be deducted from the amount arriving to our account, so you will have to issue a second transfer for the amount due in your order.
  3. Credit card: Worldwide available, and all major credit cards are supported. For your own safety, we DO NOT store any information about your credit card on our systems.

For both your security and ours, we also require that your bank supports the secure online purchase protocol for all credit card payments, forcing you to authenticate with your own bank during the payment process. If your credit card purchases fail with the error "Key holder without secure purchase" (code 9104), please check with your bank for the activation of the Verified by VISA™ protocol on your VISA, MasterCard SecureCode™ on your MasterCard, or secure online purchase equivalent on your credit card.


We deliver worldwide daily, via either Postal or Courier services (your choice). All our shipping options are tracked and insured, so your money is absolutely safe until you get your order (and even afterwards :-). Shipping costs are automatically calculated by our purchasing process, according to weight, volume and destination country of the items in your shopping cart. Your tracking information will be sent via email once your order is shipped. Shipments to non-continental and/or remote destinations other than listed in the following table may be subject to additional transit times and shipping surcharges.

Shipping options are:

  1. Courier service: available for most European Community countries, and also in selected countries worldwide. NOT AVAILABLE for "P.O. Box delivery" orders.

  1. Postal service: available worldwide, and MANDATORY for Post Office box delivery orders.

  1. Order consolidation: if you have an order in process (not shipped yet) and you are placing a new order, you also have the option of consolidating this new order with the previous one and save duplicate shipping costs. Please note that, if your new order includes products not currently in stock, your combined parcel have to be hold until all items on both orders arrive.

Hazardous Materials (HazMats) shipping is available unrestricted via Courier services for all surface destinations (Europe), and available but restricted by IATA regulations (any number of 30ml or smaller containers, up to 1 liter total content) worldwide via UPS and Postal services. Shipping of HazMats via UPS will have an additional surcharge of 7.56€

Spray paints can only be shipped to surface destinations within Europe (except Greece) via Courier service. They can NOT be shipped to Greece or any other countries outside Europe.


Products in preorder status can be bought before arrival to our warehouse. For doing so, just place an order as usual including the products in preorder, and proceed to checkout. You will be charged full price at the end of the checkout process, since those unit/s will be efectively substracted on arrival from the units for sale to every other customer.

We do provide an estimated date of arrival for these products, but please note that this date can change due to changes in their manufacturer schedules or release dates, which is totally beyond our control. Once stock arrives, pre-orders will be dispatched in strict purchase date order.

Order Processing

Each order is processed and checked individually. After we have checked your order, you will receive an order status confirmation via email. Please understand that this mode of operation is only possible during our business hours and that several hours may pass until you receive an order confirmation. Throughout the whole process your order status will be updated by email (stock checking, packaging, payment and shipping time).

Return policy

Our return policy gets you covered within 30 days of receiving your original order, allowing you to return any faulty products, incorrectly shipped products, or those products that for any reason you do not want (although this last case does not apply to products served "on demand"). If the product is faulty or incomplete, please get in contact with us beforehand so we can claim the manufacturer and send you the necessary parts to get a perfect quality product.

Returned items must reach our warehouse in perfect mint conditions and with unopened and undamaged original packaging, and will be replaced by similar products (if you wish) or refunded on the payment method you used to place the original order. Shipping or returns costs will not be refunded, except when the return is caused by a processing mistake on our side. If your returned products didn't arrive to our warehouse in perfect conditions, a partial refund will be made according to their state.

All return must be requested and validated beforehand by SpotModel Customer Service department at


If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact SpotModel team.