Newsletter 162: Do you want to avoid it? :)

Do you want to avoid it? :)

Do you want to avoid it? :)
Once again there comes these dangerous dates of the year when you can end up getting three ties for Christmas. THREE ties... that's crazy!!! What are you going to do with three? Last year I got six... and I only have one head!!!

And what do you do with six? Wouldn't be much better if they were six brand new kits? Or six shiny photoetches? Or six gorgeous decals? ... So we're making it easy, really easy for you: here's your wish list. Do you like them? You want them all, don't you?

Don't doubt: your ties are getting dangerously close at full speed... so forward your SpotModel wishlist RIGHT NOW, and make everybody nail your Christmas gifts this year ;))))

Merry Christmas and Happy New kits!

Arena: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 911SC Group 4 Eminence #6 - Bjrn Waldegrd + Hans Thorszelius - Montecarlo Rally 1982 - resin multimaterial kit

Reference: ARE719-24

Driven by the recently deceased swedish rally myth Bjorn Waldegaard, with Hans Thorszelius as co-driver, this Porsche 911 SC group 4 tuned by Almeras brothers raced at the 1982 Montecarlo Rally. The kit includes a detailed engine and tons of resin parts and photoetches.
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Arena: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 911SC Group 4 Ricard #1 - Nicola Busseni + Bassi - Mile Miglia 1981 - resin multimaterial kit

Reference: ARE720-24

Here's the famous Porsche Ricard that collected lots of victories in the Italian national rallies championship in the early 80's driven by Nicola Busseni. Tuned by Orlando Redolfi, this Arena kit recreates the winning version of the 1981 Mille Miglia Rally co-driven by Bassi. Inside the box, you'll find a great resin kit with the usual Arena quality.
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Komakai: Reference / walkaround book - McLaren Ford MP4/8 - FIA Formula 1 World Championship 1993 - 92 full-colour A5 sized pages - for Tameo Kits reference TMK166, or Tamiya reference TAM25172

Reference: KOM-UDG006

If you want to properly build the MP4/8 and know how looked its parts, its carbon fibres, its colors, etc... here's the ultimate photographic guide. Nothing less than 92 DIN-A5 size pages with full colour photographs covering every tiny detail of the actual car. You won't find any better documentation for your kit!!
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Tameo Kits: Model car kit 1/43 scale - RB10 Infiniti #1 - Sebastian Vettel - Canadian Grand Prix 2014 - photo-etched parts, turned metal parts, water slide decals, white metal parts and assembly instructions

Reference: TMK423

This RB10 kit driven by Vettel in Canada includes white metal pieces, pad printer rubber wheels, photoetches and an endless count of small details and parts. You''ll also find two replicated decals sets inside the box, but don''t feel too overconfident since it's not possible to deliver spare decals for this kit.
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/12 scale - Lotus Renault 98T John Player Special #11, 12 - Ayrton Senna, Johnny Dumfries - Spanish Grand Prix, USA Grand Prix 1986 - multimaterial kit

Reference: MFH-K439

You'll find almost six pounds worth of parts inside this wonderful black box from Model Factory Hiro. Bodyworks made of immaculate resin, rims mechanized in turned metal, rubber wheels, an endless list of photoetches and metal parts, several decals sheets this kit is pure madness!
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Fujimi: Model car kit 1/24 scale - McLaren F1 GTR Long Tail Gulf Davidoff #1 - Geoff Lees + Anders Olofsson - 24 Hours Le Mans 1997 - plastic model kit and photo-etched parts

Reference: FJ12595

Inside the box you'll find a good pile of pieces for building one of the most beautiful cars of the last years. Gulf decoration is very nicely developed, with a thorough decals sheet and every detail you could need, and the kit also includes photoetches.
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Model Factory Hiro: Model car kit 1/43 scale - Porsche 962C Rothmans #17, 18 - Derek Bell + Hans-Joachim Stuck + Alvah Robert 'Al' Holbert, Jochen Mass + Robert 'Bob' Wollek + Vern Schuppan - 24 Hours Le Mans 1987 - multimaterial kit

Reference: MFH-K364

Here's the absolute winner Porsche of 1987 Le Mans 24 hours, recreated in 1/43 scale with great detail. Inside the box you''ll find turned metal parts, white metal pieces, photoetches, and all the magic of the wonderful multimedia kit from this Japanese manufacturer.
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Studio27: Carbon fibre pattern decal 1/20 scale - McLaren Honda MP4/4 #11, 12 - Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost - FIA Formula 1 World Championship 1988 - water slide decals and assembly instructions - for Tamiya references TAM89719 and TAM92208

Reference: ST27-CD20001

Modern Formula 1 have the carbon fiber as a fundamental component. And what happens to your scale model? How could you not use these precious carbon fibre patterns that Studio27 has just reissued for a limited time?
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Model Factory Hiro: Reference / walkaround book - Joe Honda Racing Pictorial Series: Grand Prix 1968, part 2 1968

Reference: MFH-JH39

The No. 39 issue of Racing Pictorial Series by HIRO is focused on the Grand Prix 1968 F1 season. From the death of the symbolic driver Jim Clark, the rising of the Ford Cossworth DFV engine, the aerodynamics parts such as the high wings debuts, to the sponsorship from tobacco companies, this year is one of the turning point of the motorsports history.
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Alclad: Paint - Chrome - for Airbrush

Reference: ALC107

Alclad chrome is one of the most interesting colours. Why? Because there isn't a single car or bike without a single chromed part, right? The color comes already prepared for airbrush use, and for the best results we recommend its application always over a black paint coat as glossy as possible: the glossier that coat, the better the final results. It is a 30ml bottle.
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Number Five: Clearcoat - Gloss Clearcoat lacquer - 100ml + 50ml - for Airbrush

Reference: N5-F004

This product is intented for clearcoating those pieces that require a high gloss with the thinnest possible clearcoat layer. Including two bottles (a 100ml clearcoat bottle, and a 50ml bottle of hardener), mixing glasses and english and spanish instrucctions, allowing you to reach even better results than with the clear coat pack ZP-3006 from Zero Paints.
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Belkits: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Skoda Fabia S2000 Evo #1, 3 - Juho Hnninen + Mikko Markkula, Pavel Dresler + Jan Kopecky - Barum Czech Rally 2012

Reference: BEL-004

So... what is the big deal about this kit? Lots of things! One-piece bodywork, fully detailed interiors, rubber printed glasses, awesome fittings, hundreds of parts, ... Haven't you read our "Quickie" about this kit at SpotModel blog yet?
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Reji Model: Decals 1/24 scale - Skoda Fabia S2000 EVO Castrol #3, 7 - Jan Kopecky + Pavel Dresler, Sepp Wiegand + Frank Christian - Barum Czech Rally, Bohemia rally 2014 - for Belkits reference BEL-004

Reference: REJI-228

Two decoration from two different rallyes, the first one corresponding to the Bohemia rally winner driven by Kopecky, and the other corresponding to the second place at the Barum rally driven by Wiegand. Two very interesting versions in glossy red, a not very usual hue in today WRC races.
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Tamiya: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Porsche 934 Turbo RSR Group 4 Vaillant Kremer Racing #5 - Robert 'Bob' Wollek - German Racing GTs Championship 1976 - plastic model kit, photo-etched parts

Reference: TAM24334

This kit includes fully detailed anti-roll bars, interior, chassis and suspension, as well as photoetches for the grid, pedals, air intakes and a few more parts. The decals are printed in Italy by Cartograf, and include Goodyear and Vaillant logos (even the bunny).
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Renaissance Models: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Ferrari 250 TRI 60/61 0780 - IRTA Test 1960 and 1961 - Multimaterial kit

Reference: 24-32

Have you ever built a half-painted and half-finished car? That's exactly how this Ferrari looks, half-painted and half-finished, but that's completely ok since it's the test version with unfinished bodyworks and decorations. Besides that, that's an excelent multimaterial kit from Renaissance, featuring a fully detailed engine, Borrani premounted rims, and lots of photoetches, resins and white metal parts.
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This Way Up: Model car kit 1/43 scale - Token Ford RJ02 Titan Properties #42 - Tom Pryce - Belgian Grand Prix 1974 - photo-etched parts, turned metal parts, water slide decals, white metal parts and assembly instructions

Reference: TWU048

Fully designed using computer assisted 3D tools, this new white metal kit by This Way Up will totally take you to the races at the 70's. Inside the box, you have everything you need to recreate the green Tom Pryce's version.
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Renaissance Models: Rims and tyres set 1/24 scale - Gotti J33 15 inches for Porsche 911 SC - resin parts and rubber parts - 4 units

Reference: 24J33

The rims used by the Porsche 911SC tunned by Almeras and several other teams that raced mainly in rallies during the 80 years . Rims measure 12,8x19,5mm and 13,3x19,5mm, and tyres measure 12,4x25,8mm and 14,1x27,5mm.
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Studio27: Decals 1/24 scale - Toyota Celica Marlboro Repsol #2, 6, 10 - Carlos Sainz + Luis Moya, Armin Schwarz + Arne Hertz, Markku Aln + Ilkka Kivimki - Montecarlo Rally 1992 - for Tamiya reference TAM24125

Reference: ST27-DC1044

The first appearence of Carlos Sainz with the new Celica bodyworks was at the Montecarlo rally 1992, and you can now recreate such decoration in your Tamiya kit with this Studio27 decals, including also the numbers for Makku Alen and Armin Schwarz.
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Shunko Models: Decals 1/24 scale - Ford Escort RS Cosworth Group A Mobil1 #2, 5, 6 - Francois Delecour + Daniel Grataloup, Massimo 'Miki' Biasion + Tiziano Siviero - Montecarlo Rally, Portugal Rally 1993 - for Tamiya reference TAM24153

Reference: SHK-D266

One win at the Portugal rally, and a second and third place at the Montecarlo rally, make this decal absolutely essential for your Tamiya kit. It belongs to a limited edition, so don't let it go.
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Revell: Model car kit 1/24 scale - BMW M1 Group 4 Procar #5, 6 - Niki Lauda, Nelson Piquet - Zolder DRM 1979 and 2008 - plastic model kit

Reference: REV07247

Finally this Revell classic kit reedited, now with Italy printed decals. The kit includes a fully detailed engine as well as renewed decals sheet. If you want to go even further in detailing, don't forget to add the Scale Productions transkit to your model and improve the rims, wipers and some other pieces.
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Renaissance Models: Model car kit 1/24 scale - Ford Sierra Cosworth 4x4 Group A Mobil Carglass #2, 6 - Francois Delecour + Daniel Grataloup, Massimo 'Miki' Biasion + Tiziano Siviero - Tour de Corse 1992 - Multimaterial kit

Reference: CTR2423

By a hair didn't Delecour win the Tour de Corse 1992 with this gorgeous car that you can finally build with this Renaissance kit, made in resin and featuring a good pile of photoetches. The kit also offers you the posibility of using two different numbers, and the interior comes fully detailed, needing just some paint and your expert modeling hands to bring it to life.
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